The Class Act Submission Deadline Is Coming Up Soon!

RA_classacts_logo_CMYKAttention Teachers and Students:


Have you submitted your Class Act paperwork and documentation yet? There’s still time! Not familiar with our Class Act program but want to get involved? There’s time for that too!

Class Act is Random Acts’ annual award program for schools and school groups worldwide. We believe that real change happens at the smallest levels — but also with upcoming generations who can give a voice to that movement as well, so we’ve established an outlet for students and their teachers and mentors to take part.

packing upComplete a random act of kindness (or multiple small kindness projects) with your fellow students and educators and make sure to document everything with lots of photos and video — or send us a letter detailing how awesome your act was. It can be something that you did earlier in the school year, or something you’re planning to do before April 30th. (Just make sure you send us your documentation before May 1st!)

Cindy Sung

After reviewing all of your amazing submissions, Random Acts will select the group with the most creative and inventive act of kindness in their community, and that group will win $3,000 USD to use at their discretion, whether it’s for classroom supplies, for further acts of kindness, or for a big bag of star stickers and rainbow cotton candy for the entire school (okay, maybe not that last one).

A runner-up will also be chosen and will receive and award of $1,000 USD to be used at their discretion. You can read up more on our past winners here.

At the end of the award cycle, Class Act will start up fresh again — which means that even if you missed it this time around, there’s still plenty of time to start planning for next year over summer break! (Who needs beach volleyball anyway?) Need some ideas? Head over to the Kindness Files to get inspired for your next project.

Head over to our official Class Act page to read up on the fine print and get to work on those submissions! We can’t wait to see all of your amazing acts of kindness!