Thank you convention attendees!

Random Acts has been present at a number of recent Supernatural conventions raising funds and collecting donations for charities. We’ve been astounded, amazed and so very, very appreciative of all the support we’ve received.

At the Salute to Supernatural convention in New Jersey, our staffers had to run around and organise a trailer because the amount of donations was simply too huge for us to transport in any other way!

And at the Asylum convention in Birmingham, the charity’s truck driver’s eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw the load of donations he had to pick up!

Here are some photos from the All Hell Breaks Loose IV conventions in Australia last weekend. We supported the Manly Women’s Shelter in Sydney and we collected enough supplies to support the shelter for three months.

Random Acts staffers Melissa and Anita, with Misha and Rhonda and Ellie from the Manly Women’s Shelter.

In Melbourne, we supported the Sacred Heart Mission Women’s House with approximately 60 bags of toiletries and groceries and raised more than $760.  The representatives from the Women’s House repeatedly mentioned how stunned they were by the generosity of everyone who stopped by the Random Acts’ stall.

Random Acts staffers Melissa and Bec with Misha and Reggie from Sacred Heart Mission Women’s House.

We’ll be at the Salute to Supernatural convention in Dallas, so if you’re heading along, stay tuned for details!

You might also like to check out Misha Collins being interviewed on Australian TV, talking about Random Acts and our programs in Haiti.

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