Supplies for Rose Haven Support Important Mission

Recently, Samara Cogan, Random Acts Regional Representative, planned to donate supplies to support Rose Haven’s mission. Operating on a model of equitability and inclusivity, Rose Haven is a non-profit day shelter supporting women, children, and gender non-conforming individuals in need.


Oftentimes, folks seeking Rose Haven’s support have experienced traumatic events that forced them to lose their homes, jobs, and safety net. Given these circumstances, they need a helping hand through the healing process to get back on their feet.

Hence, Rose Haven’s staff works tirelessly to provide supplies, educational programs, meals, and other social services. Consequently, this high level of support is usually enough to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty. Kind acts such as donations, volunteering, and community support make a big impact.


When COVID-19 hit, Samara knew she had to get creative in how she could support Rose Haven. Previously, she had planned to Graphic of a blue and yellow backpack with zipper pocketes on the side and front.order and personally deliver luggage to the shelter. However, the shelter was home to individuals who were likely to be at higher risk of infection if exposed to the virus.

With this in mind, Samara swiftly shifted gears and made purchases from Rose Haven’s Amazon Wishlist. She was able to purchase backpacks, hygiene products, tents, and sleeping bags using monetary donations from Random Acts. Then all of these supplies were delivered right to Rose Haven’s doorstep.


Hygiene and shelter supplies allow these folks to stay safe, clean, and sheltered, which is especially important in these unprecedented times. Significantly, Samara’s act of kindness was very successful despite the unexpected pandemic.

If this story has touched you, consider supporting Rose Haven by purchasing Spring 2020 supplies from their Amazon Wishlist.

Furthermore, you can also support Random Acts in our mission to spread kindness to individuals and organizations making a positive impact.