St. Mary’s: The First Food Bank is Still Working Hard in Arizona

Random Acts’ next stop for #RaNoHungryChild was Phoenix, Arizona at St. Mary’s Food Bank, where they are “determined to end hunger in Arizona.” This organization is a member of Feeding America, and it serves families in the greater Phoenix metro area as well as nine surrounding counties —including those with the highest poverty levels.

As the site of the very first food bank, St. Mary’s continues to be a leader in its mission to end hunger through food distribution, programs targeting child hunger, and training sessions that give adults the opportunity to gain experience in the food industry. After the students finish the 12-week culinary training program, where they learn to cook while also feeding hungry families, St. Mary’s assists the new professionals with job placement.

Image courtesy of St. Mary’s Food Bank

How You Can Help

Random Acts is pleased to participate in St. Mary’s mission to end hunger with a monetary donation. If you live in Arizona, you can also help St. Mary’s by getting involved in their fight against hunger. 

If you’d like to help in your area, please check out Feeding America for a food bank in your state. These services succeed because of the hard work and sacrifice by those who care. See how you can help.