Saturday Night Special & Nicaragua Fundraiser Concert

Love listening to live music? Attending Supernatural conventions with your friends and staying up too late, singing along with your favorite classics? Mark your calendars — come January, you’ll be able to check each of those things off your wishlist and #GetKind with us, all at the same time! Thanks to the kind folks at Creation Entertainment, and the incredibly generous members of everyone’s favorite rock band, Louden Swain, (not to mention Random Acts co-founder Misha Collins and the Supernatural cast members lending their golden voices to the stage), Random Acts will be hosting a Saturday Night Special concert livestream and simultaneous Dreams to Acts Nicaragua fundraiser for eager fans and supporters everywhere, from the Official Supernatural Convention in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017.

About the Ongoing Dreams to Acts: Nicaragua Project

Random Acts’ Dreams to Acts: Nicaragua project, spearheaded by the community of San Juan del Sur and a dedicated local crew, has so far been a success. Together with our many gracious donors, Random Acts has been able to contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the construction of a new campus for the Free High School of San Juan del Sur, which will open officially early next year, in February.

During the Saturday Night Special concert, viewers — who will stream the concert through a StageIt online portal or can attend in person at the Supernatural convention — will be able to “tip” the show; Those “tips” (real money) will then be donated to the Free High School of San Juan del Sur fundraiser, and used to purchase furniture for the completed building, including desks, chairs, and teaching tables. The funds will also be put towards a new grand staircase for the building and the construction of additional campus buildings, including a possible auditorium.

When is the Concert?

The Saturday Night Special concert, hosted by Louden Swain, Random Acts co-founder Misha, and Creation Entertainment, will be livestreamed on Jan. 21, 2017 at 10:15 p.m. ET.

How Much Are Tickets?

Tickets to the concert will be sold on the StageIt site during an early-bird period at a rate of $20 USD until Jan. 1, 2017; After Jan. 1, tickets can be purchased for $25 USD. Funds from the ticket sales will also be put toward the Nicaragua fundraiser.

What Else Do Concert-Goers Get?

The night of the concert, Random Acts will be giving away several prizes to the top tippers. Signed items include:

  • A custom Saturday Night Special bass drum cover (signed and contributed by Louden Swain)
  • One pair of Stephen Norton’s drumsticks (signed and contributed by Louden Swain)
  • A 2016 Saturday Night Special concert t-shirt (signed and contributed by Louden Swain)
  • A copy of the new Louden Swain album, “No Time Like the Present” (signed and contributed by Louden Swain)
  • A special edition letterpress print illustration of the Free High School campus (signed by Misha Collins)
  • A special edition Free High School campus illustration t-shirt (signed by Misha Collins)

Random Acts will also be giving away one spot on its 2018 Nicaragua volunteer trip, which will take place sometime in February that year (details will be released at a later date). The top tipper of the night (must have donated $5,000 USD or more, the fundraising amount typically set for all volunteers looking to qualify for the trip), will get to join the team in San Juan del Sur and assist with volunteer activities. (Make sure to check out our past trips here, to see what that entails!)

Make sure to stop by the StageIt site today to reserve a ticket for the Saturday Night Special Concert! It’s sure to be a rockin’ evening!

. . .

Read more about Louden Swain on the band’s official website, and preview their latest album, “No Time Like The Present”, ahead of its release on Jan. 13, 2017!

**Winner of the 2018 volunteer trip spot is responsible for covering their own airfare, lodging, and meal expenses.