SAARA Has Grown

Last year we had some outstanding submissions for the Semi-Annual Awards for Random Acts (SAARA) and we were able to donate $14,000 to a number of charities selected by our winners.

And this year SAARA is getting bigger!

Introducing SAARA Class Act

We have a new award! SAARA Class Act is for any classroom, grade level(s), sanctioned school group (Choral Society for instance) or the entire school performing a random act of kindness in their community. If your class, grade, group or entire school wins the SAARA Class Act award, your school or a nominated charity will receive $3,000 and a certificate from Random Acts as well as some Random Acts swag (if your group is 5 people or less).

And the nominees are…

In the past we invited people to nominate their own acts of kindness for our awards. Now you have the opportunity to nominate other people for an award too. This can be an act of kindness you have been on the receiving end of or it could be something you have seen or read about.

We’re looking for acts that have a meaningful and lasting impact on an individual or group. You can read about the 2012 winners and their acts here.

Full information about the awards and the nomination process can be found on our SAARA page.

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