Running AMOK with hearts wide open

It’s here! It’s finally here!

It’s been a long road since AMOK 2012, but after a year of conquering the world one random act of kindness at a time, AMOK 2013 is finally upon us!

This year, our Annual Melee of Kindness will be taking place this Sunday on March 10th. That means AMOK 2013 is mere hours away, so now’s the time to come up with your bright idea if you still want to register your participation.

If you’re still looking for things to do, please don’t worry. We’re here to help! Here are a few more ideas we’d like to share with you.

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK

Sunday March 10th is also Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom, so we thought we’d adopt this theme. We’d like to suggest that this AMOK you plan to do something kind for people who, for whatever reason, can’t be with their mothers (and fathers) on Sunday.

Distant mothers

Lots of people live far away from their parents. They might communicate by telephone, by email, by Skype. Why not give your friends with distant family the gift of letter writing? Give somebody some beautiful stationary and encourage them to write snail mail a few times. Receiving a handwritten letter in the mail is a beautiful treat. Paper is never deleted accidentally; it’s never lost when a computer goes under. A letter is something the whole family can look back on when times are tough. A letter can be kept forever.

Working mothers

Maybe you can’t be with your mother because she’s working! Moms all over the world work hard to provide for their children, and sometimes they feel guilty and sad that they can’t spend more quality time with them. Try to find a way to let your mom know that you appreciate what she does. It could be something as simple as making her a packed lunch before she leaves in the morning. You could leave some candy in her purse, or a note saying that you’ll take care of dinner tonight. It’ll brighten up her day to know that you love her even when she can’t be with you.

Lost mothers

Sooner or later, we all lose our mothers. We can lose them to illness, whether physical or mental. We can lose them to violence. We can lose them to fate. We can even lose them to life as it runs its course; we get busy and can’t visit, and sometimes we just don’t get along. Sometimes moms will disapprove of the choices we make – and sometimes they’ll cast us aside because of those choices.

Whatever the reason, nobody ever quite recovers from losing their mother. There’ll always be moments that catch us off-guard, when grief hits hard and we don’t know where to turn. If you have a friend who’s remembering a sad anniversary, offer to take them out to dinner. Support them when they’re lonely. Ask your grandma or your elderly neighbour to tell you about her mother, and listen to her stories. Listen to your friends as they tell you about their lost mothers.

Listening can be a great act of kindness, especially in these circumstances. Being kind to people who can’t be with their mothers isn’t about what you can give them. It’s about your behaviour, and how much love you can show them so they know they’re not alone.


Whatever you choose to do for AMOK, we’re sure it’ll be awesome. Fill in a participation form, and don’t forget to stay in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and our other social channels.

Now get out there and spread some kindness around the world!

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