‘Roswell, New Mexico’ star Michael Vlamis’ New Campaign to Benefit Random Acts

In an act of notable kindness, actor Michael Vlamis, star of Roswell, New Mexico decided to donate all the profits from his new merchandise campaign to charity. (His campaign is already geared toward spreading a message of kindness and inclusion.) The charity he has chosen? Random Acts, and we are honored by this, of course! Random Acts community, you made this happen, because when he put the word out he was looking for an organization to donate to, you made sure we were brought to his view, so this is happening because of you!

Thank you Michael for then taking the time to really look into what we do, and choose to support us!

A Kind Alien

Now a bit about the campaign in Micheal’s own words:

When I first accepted the role of Michael Guerin on CW’s Roswell, New Mexico, I had no idea the effect it would have on people. My character is bisexual in the show, and he actually says that out loud, which is rare for a man to say on television. The amount of people who have written me, saying my character inspired them to stop hiding their truth has been beyond touching, and this is the first time I have felt like I’m giving back to the community in a big way. By donating all of the profits of this collection to Random Acts, the giving will continue.

I chose Random Acts because I love how they give back to a variety of causes and help people from all walks of life. I believe inclusion breeds love, and that’s exactly what Random Acts represents. CW hero Misha Collins is paving the way for other actors to give back, and I’m beyond fortunate to be able to support Random Acts.

Shirts with a Message

Michael has chosen four different shirt designs for the campaign.

  • Boys Will Be Boys: This phrase, which has always been a mild reprimand for men, is being flipped on its head and pertains to love and inclusion.
  • Love Hurts: This shirt represents the pain love puts our characters through, but no matter what, they prevail, drawing strengths from their hardships. The “love hurts” is in Michael’s actual writing and the design is a love letter to Roswell, New Mexico loyal fans.
  • Michael Vlamis Signature: The colors on the Michael Vlamis Signature tee were inspired by vintage D.A.R.E. tees because our show spreads a positive message, which is what the D.A.R.E. program does. Roswell, New Mexico was Michael’s TV debut as a leading character, hence the “est. Tuesdays 9/8CT.”
  • Happy Boy: While so many people run from their awkward past, Michael is encouraging you to embrace it. Never forget the kid in you.

Grateful for Support

Like Michael, we are big fans of inclusivity, kindness, and sporting a great message. If you are interested in supporting Michael’s campaign, you can check out his website. All of the profits from Michael’s campaign will go to our general fund, which we use all year long to sponsor acts of kindness all over the world. Thank you, Michael, for choosing Random Acts!