Responding to First Responders in Bransgore

Trying to share kindness during a pandemic feels daunting. There are so many needs, and only so much time and ability. One way to help is to find the gaps, or entities whose needs are overlooked. Random Acts UK – South and ROI Regional Representative Jade Wardle saw one of those needs and donated to the Bransgore Community First Responders.

Looking Locally

Bransgore Community First Responders are a group of local volunteers who work with ambulance services to respond to medical emergencies by providing basic life-saving care and pain relief until the ambulance can arrive. Assistance from community donations and sponsors enables them to purchase necessities, like a vehicle capable of reaching forested areas.

Like so many first responders, the Bransgore Community First Responders have been under some strain due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That is what drove Jade Wardle to help. “I wanted to do something for someone within my community/village rather than a wider well-known branch,” she says.

Specialized Equipment

Bransgore Community First Responders are in most need of specialized equipment from medical supply companies, so they requested donations of funding rather than equipment and supplies. After receiving Jade’s donation, Bransgore Community First Responders sent her a message stating they were grateful for the donation. Because the organization is not funded by the government or National Healthcare System, they rely on donations to purchase necessary equipment such as personal protective equipment.

If you are interested in aiding the Bransgore Community First Responders, visit their donation page. Or, if you would like to aid first responders in your own area, check with a Random Acts Regional Representative to find opportunities near you.