Recognizing the kindness of teachers

by Hilary Keane, Events Manager

Through our years on this earth there are people we meet who have a positive impact on our lives. Often they don’t know it but we all have family, friends or colleagues who have changed us for the better.

Rory Metcalf, a long time supporter of Random Acts, decided she wanted to give thanks to a group of people who work hard every day to improve the lives of those around them.

Our teachers.

“I chose to give a token of appreciation to every teacher in my local school district,” Rory said. “Recent criticism of teachers made it an especially important time, I felt, to show them that their work is appreciated even by people who don’t have children in the system—just because any society I want to live in must place value on education.”

Having requested funding from Random Acts in the past Rory was already familiar with the application process, but this was the first time she’d done anything on this scale

“I seriously get a kick out of performing random acts of kindness, and this was one that affected around 100 people, so the anticipation as well as the performing of this act was a real highlight during winter months when I wasn’t having the best time in other aspects of my life.”

With the money provided by Random Acts Rory purchased 65 Penzey’s Spices teacher gift boxes for the teachers as well as a case of small jars to be handed out to the support staff and other employees at the schools.

Armed with her purchases Rory worked with a local Principal to gather all the elementary and high school teachers together so she could make a presentation.

“The timing turned out to be good for maximum morale boosting. The budget had just come out, with cuts to education funding, which created a lot of job uncertainty. (In fact, the principal who sent the surprise meeting notice about a gathering of the elementary and high school teachers, had to send a second note to quell fears that it was going to be about job cuts and let them know it was going to be something good.)”

Rory made her presentation to the surprise and delight of all the teachers and weeks after the event the impact of the gesture is still being felt

“Just this past weekend I ran into one of the teachers at a local store, and she thanked me again and said how much her family was enjoying the spices that came in the gift box she received, and how much she appreciated the random act.”

Here at Random Acts we also want to give thanks to all those out there who work hard to improve and enrich the lives of those around them. Teachers, healthcare workers, those who work for the emergency services, we thank you all.

Take a look at a video of the act here! 

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