Recap: Kindness Heroes at Denver Comic Con


Last weekend, Random Acts had the opportunity to be a part of the Comic Book Classroom (CBC)’s sponsored programming at Denver Comic Con. The Colorado-based nonprofit promotes literacy through pop culture and provides free comic book centered curriculum designed to advance reading and art skills.

Along with a number of other charitable groups, our staff members Laura and Kristyle were able to spend time encouraging acts of kindness in the Kids Corral, a space for families to participate in literacy oriented activities. Many of the younger guests had the opportunity to help us put together “Kindness Cards” for the Tennyson Center for Children, a local Denver treatment center for crisis-affected youth.

Throughout the weekend, Random Acts also helped visitors become “Kindness Superheroes” by encouraging them to perform acts of kindness for other convention attendees. We were delighted by the number of those who stopped by our table to pick out of a basket of “kindness missions”, such as “Say hello to someone in line”, “Leave a kind note for someone to find”, and “Compliment an artist on their cosplay”. True to Comic Con fashion, Random Acts even provided supplies for children and their parents to create their own superhero masks to wear while performing their missions.


Our staffers reported the weekend a success and were thrilled by our participants’ reactions. “[The adults] thought the kindness missions were an awesome idea,” said Kristyle. “They thought it was a great way of getting the message across that everyone can do something kind, every day. Anyone can make the world a better place,” she said, something that Random Acts stresses.

“This was a huge convention,” added Laura. “It averaged 25,000 in partially unique traffic per day. We had chance to make a lot of cards for the Tennyson Center for Children and those turned out GREAT. It was a massive success.”

Thank you to all of our Kindness Superheroes for being amazing examples of everyday generosity and to everyone who stopped by our table last weekend to make our first Comic Con experience a positive one!