Recap: Kindness in the Capital!

Please enjoy this guest post by staffers Kelly, Laura D., and Juliana.

We had a blast at Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural May 2nd-4th in Washington, DC.

This time around, Random Acts partnered with DC-based So Others Might Eat (SOME), which serves homeless and poor individuals with meals, clothing, medical treatment, and job training. Throughout the weekend, the Random Acts team and volunteers collected both food and monetary donations on behalf of SOME. Together, staff and supporters donated over $1700 and 11 boxes of food!

SOME staffers receiving the food donations.


On Sunday, Random Acts staffer Juliana took three volunteers to the heart of DC to help with the lunch service at SOME. Volunteers Myriem, Nikita, and Claudine helped by plating meals, washing dishes, setting out utensils and napkins, and wiping down tables and chairs.

Nikita, one of the three volunteers, said of the experience: “While I have volunteered at other places before, I have never served food for the homeless, and I found it to be an incredibly rewarding experience. Everyone who had lunch was very thankful and some even stopped to thank us for our service. I also was able to meet some incredible people while volunteering, and the whole experience has definitely inspired me to look for more opportunities in the area and even return to SOME!”

Volunteers Myriem, Nikita, and Claudine at SOME.


One of the most touching moments at SOME for our team came when a woman dropped by with her little girl. The woman explained that when she was a child, her mother would take her to SOME for her meals.  Once, SOME brought in dental students who fixed her teeth. Now she donates to SOME regularly, remembering the impact this charity made on her life.

During one of his panels, Misha said that the goal of Random Acts is to remind people that “small sacrifices in your daily life can have a big impact” on others – we couldn’t agree more!

To everybody who contributed to the food/donation drive for SOME, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. Whether it was a whole box of food, a handful of coins, or a few dollar bills, every little bit counts. Every little bit makes a difference in somebody’s life. You are making a difference in somebody’s life.

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