Random Acts Thanks: UpWest

Acts Proposal Officer Shawna Abston at recent UpWest Event.

In our pursuit of changing the world, one act of kindness at a time, we have been fortunate to partner with several different companies whose philosophies match our own. We are so excited to thank one of our most recent partnerships with UpWest because they too stand for comfort, kindness, and giving back to the world.

If you have not yet gotten a chance to check out some of the neat things we are doing with UpWest, please make sure to read all about it. As of this writing, they are in the middle of a ”Comfort” campaign across the United States. In places like Columbus, OH and Austin, TX, they are teaching mindfulness through their “Comfort Cabin” experiences. At the end of the experience, guests can then participate in putting together donations for local organizations. We have been on site helping folks, and getting a chance to spread some kindness.

They have also committed to donating a portion of their sales to Random Acts. These funds will go towards the acts of kindness that we are able to do all over the world.

We are so thankful to UpWest for their partnership and commitment to helping to change the world!