Random Acts Thanks: Danneel Ackles and Hilarie Burton

Dotted across America are various landmarks connected to the lives of characters being portrayed on our screens every week. A river court that bred two oppositional Raven brothers in a sleepy town named Tree Hill is no different. While Tree Hill might be fictional, its filming ground of Wilmington, North Carolina, has the same ambiance, with a spillage of people moseying into their regular coffee shops and knowing everybody they come into contact with. It is that feeling of comfort that came over Random Acts Board Member Danneel Ackles and Random Acts supporter Hilarie Burton while they immersed themselves in the town when working on the show One Tree Hill.

Unfortunately, earlier this year, it was momentarily taken away when Hurricane Florence swept across the east coast of the United States. Starting as a category 1 storm wreaking havoc on North Carolina, the natural disaster quickly turned south and hit major flooding in both Georgetown County and South Carolina. Having an immediate and overwhelming need to step in, the two of them came together with their female castmates and created the #CapeFearlessChallenge. With the limited-edition To Carolina with Love shirt released through Stands and a crowdfunding page, the fundraised money was provided to Random Acts, which then went directly to those on the ground.

Additionally, Danneel continues to put her best foot forward with an added spice of fun by hosting events where the proceeds go toward various charities, including Random Acts. Most recently, a SoulCycle class saw her and husband Jensen Ackles providing a room full of bikers with an endorphin high as they peddled to various tunes reminiscent of Supernatural.

While their characters may have a permanent placeholder as a source of inspiration, both Danneel and Hilarie have shown that their sense of empowerment goes well beyond the screen. Rather, it is through their acts of kindness that cause ripple effects throughout their fans and into a better world. Thank you both for continuously supporting Random Acts!