Why Does Random Acts Fundraise?

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 9.55.40 PMWe are pleased to bring you a post by Cinde Monsam, Director of Random Acts. 

In September of 2013, shortly before E4K, I wrote a blog post explaining how your money had been spent.  As we move toward our annual fundraiser, Endure for Kindness (E4K), and since you will be enduring to raise money for Random Acts, I thought it might be a good idea to write a new year “part 2” to my previous blog.  This year, I am going to provide dollar amounts and percentage to help you visualize the expenditures, but if you want to REALLY find out where your money goes, head on over to our newest website addition, the Kindness Files page, and see for yourself….

In the preceding 12 months from Sept 2013 to Sept 2014, Random Acts’ has acquired income (in rounded dollars) as follows:

Yes, you read that correctly…our individual supporters (YOU) have donated 78% of all the money Random Acts has taken in.  That is spectacular, fantastic, award winning; in fact, pause right now and give yourself a slap on the back and a standing ovation! Okay, okay, sit down — I wouldn’t want to all go to your head (or maybe I would… ummm…).

The next question is logical: “Where did all my money go?”  Since you’ve already perused The Kindness Files, you know where a large amount has gone.  In fact, we have spent over $49,000 funding acts of kindness and we still have reserves for that purpose, so if you have an act that needs funding, we would love to help (assuming approval), start here.

We’ve had expenses too — that just happens.  For the last year those expenses (excluding professional services) have totaled $23,485, that’s about 10% of our total revenue.  So, you’re asking, what did we spend the money on?  Good question, let’s take a look at that:

You guys are really smart, so I know that you have figured out that we haven’t spent as much money as we have received. That is an excellent position to be in.

It means that we can continue to fund acts, which is the heart of our mission. It means that we can continue to partner with Creation Entertainment (Salute to Supernatural), Rogue Events (Asylum), and Hub Productions (AHBLV) in bringing awareness to some of the needs of resourceful charities in Supernatural convention host cities. It means that we can continue to support our past projects, like Hope2Haiti, and look for future Destination Projects as well.  It means that we can offer reward programs like Class Act and Caught in the Act.  It means that we can continue our mission to conquer the world, one random act of kindness at a time. It means that we have you to thank for providing the support to do all the things we want to do and hope that we can do so much more in the future.

So…thank you, from the bottom of my heart and the hearts of every Random Acts’ staff member!

— Cinde

Looking to help us fund acts of kindness around the world? We accept donations here. You may also donate in-person at any of the conventions we’ll be attending with Creation Entertainment, Rogue Events, or Hub Productions. Feeling charitable during your online shopping spree? Find out how to help Random Acts by using Amazon Smile!