Random Acts and GISHWHES – Help Change a Life



Our crazy cousin, GISHWHES, is usually all about strange pranks, cheesy goodness in unusual places, and breaking world records.  But sometimes, the softer side of GISHWHES appears and does something amazing.

This year as one of the GISHWHES projects, you can get to know a remarkable and resilient family – and join us to help an exceptional young man’s desires to support his family come true. It’s a surprise housewarming on the grandest scale!

Anyone can take part in helping this family in need – whether you are joining GISHWHES or not.  We still want to conquer the world one random act of kindness at a time, whether with Random Acts or GISHWHES.

If you are participating in GISHWHES this year, Misha’s organized it so you can help this family while still participating in the Hunt.

If a financial gift isn’t in your budget, you can still be a part of this housewarming – check out the GISHWHES page for more information.

Every bit of kindness counts!  We just ask that if you do choose any or all of these options, you choose with your heart: thoughtfully select an item to purchase, a letter to write, or a picture to create.  And if you find some cheesy goodness along the way, well, that’s all part of the fun.

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