The Random Acts staff, along with the rest of the world, was devastated by the senseless, hateful attack in Orlando earlier this week. Like many of you, our team is busy searching for ways to reach out and help the people of Orlando, and to show support and love for the greater LGBTQIA community. We have a few things in the works, and for our first effort, we’ll need your help.

In the early morning hours of Sunday, June 12, at least 49 lives were taken at LGBT nightclub Pulse, in an incident that has been condemned as both a hate crime and an act of terror. Dozens more were left injured and countless others have been understandably touched by grief, anger, and fear.

Now, it’s time for Random Acts and our supporters to push back against that darkness.


Instead of focusing on the man responsible for this heinous act of violence, we’re encouraging you, our supporters, to learn about the victims, whose lives that were tragically cut short this past weekend. Learn their names. Read stories that are being shared about them online. Choose one of these 49 names and do something good in that person’s honor.

Sing a song. Draw a picture. Do an act of kindness. Make a donation to a charity. Give blood. Give a sandwich to someone hungry. Do something — anything — that adds beauty and kindness and goodness to the world.

Then talk about it. Tell your friends. Tell people around you what you’re doing, and why. Share the name of the person you’re honoring. Post about it online – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, your blog. If want to share it with us, use the hashtag #RA4Orlando.

And above all… choose love. Always.

Images: Fibonacci Blue/Flickr (2)

If you know of a community organization in Orlando that might like to form a partnership with us, please ask them to e-mail us at info@randomacts.org.