Questions about Caught in the Act

The world is filled with kind people – but how can we reward those who go above and beyond ordinary acts of kindness?

Caught in the Act is your opportunity to reward those people and share their story with our Random Acts community, whether they made a contribution to an individual, neighborhood, community or the world at large.

We have received several questions about Caught in the Act. Here are a few of the queries:

* Do you need to know the person to nominate them?

You don’t need to personally know the individual; you might have read a news article about them, or your friends may have mentioned them.

* Does the person have to be an adult?
Anyone can be recognized for performing an act of kindness.

* Can the person be a celebrity?
Yes, but the focus for this program is everyday acts of kindness. Remember, we need you to provide any kind of supporting evidence that demonstrates why you believe this person, celebrity or not, deserves to be “caught in the act” of kindness. It could include photos, videos, news articles, or testimonials.

* Do you need to be over 18 to place a nomination?
No, anyone can place a nomination into consideration.

* Does the person get to use the prize money however they want?  Or does the winner need to donate it to a charity?
The winner is free to use the funds in the manner they choose.

* How do you choose the winners? How many winners will there be?

There are two parts to the Caught in the Act award. The winner, as selected by Random Acts, will receive US$3000, as well as a certificate commemorating their kindness.

We will also hold a public vote on selected nominees. The winner of the vote will receive US$2000 and an equally lovely certificate.

* Will you do this every year?
Caught in the Act runs annually. It’s open now for 2014 nominations. The award period ends annually on December 31. You are welcome to submit your nomination at any time throughout the year.

* I have more questions!
If you have any questions about this award scheme please email

One comment on “Questions about Caught in the Act

  1. Clara Pottinger on

    I have a older lady who lives a few blocks away and is confined to a wheelchair. She has been diligent in making baby blankets for all the new mothers in our ward and even teaches young girls how to learn the art of crocheting or knitting. She is very selfless.


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