Overcoming With Kindness: AMOK Recap 2020

Our recently completed Annual Melee of Kindness (AMOK) came at a time when acts of kindness are more needed than ever. Though it was extremely challenging to find ways to make a difference in our communities with the unique circumstances of this year, as always, our supporters blew us away!

By the Numbers

  • Staff Participants: 39 + 99 family & friends
  • Staff Acts: 109
  • Supporter registered participants: 85
  • Supporter registered acts: 125
  • Tweets about AMOK: over 2,500!
  • 83% of supporters who registered their acts had never participated in a Random Acts program before!

Leading by Example

Origami hearts Rebecca Guthrie sent friends.

This year’s AMOK event lasted from May 23, 2020 to May 31, 2020, and Random Acts staffers led the way with the creative and inspiring ways they found to participate in AMOK. Lisa Cerezo, Communications Manager, donated much-needed items to several of her local animal shelters. Iliana Habib, Graphic Designer, is a very gifted artist and decided to make 25 free paintings for others in need of some comfort. Rebecca Guthrie, Regional Representative, Australia East, made origami hearts to send friends so they would know she was thinking of them during this isolating time.

Inspired by Our Supporters

Art installation in community garden where Shyron volunteered.

Though this year’s event limited the usual avenues of kindness, our supporters are innovative. Daina baked cookies and delivered them, along with notes of encouragement, to the staff at a nursing home that had been heavily impacted by COVID-19. Susan sent handmade leather key chains to cheer up people all over the world. Shyron volunteered with a community garden featuring an art installation to show appreciation for the National Health Service (NHS) healthcare workers in the UK. To see many more examples of clever and heartening acts from our supporters, please take a moment to browse through the #AMOKRA20 tag on Twitter.

GISH Meets AMOK 2020

This year’s event also happened to overlap with GISH, our Co-Founder Misha Collins’ scavenger hunt. They put on a 24-hour version of the hunt, designed to keep participants safe and challenged within their homes while encouraging kindness and raising awareness for social justice issues. A specific item on the list asked participants to “devise an act of kindness” and share it on social media (with their own specific hashtag) as part of this year’s AMOK activities.

GISH participants donated money to charities all over the world, purchased books for schools and underprivileged children. They shared uplifting messages with those in need of that contact, and found many more wonderful ways to get kind. To see more examples of AMOK activities done by GISH participants, take a look at the #AMOKRA2020 tag on Twitter.

While circumstances may not have been ideal, that did not stop any of our supporters. Your capacity for goodness has shown through everything, reminding all of us that humanity is inspiring. One of the biggest takeaways from this year is that you all find ways of incorporating kindness into your everyday lives — no matter what that looks like right now. Thank you to everyone who participated in our Annual Melee of Kindness, and thank you for continuing the kindness today and every day.