Our Class Act 2020 Winner

Class Act of 2020

In years past, the Random Acts’ Class Act Program served as a way to encourage schools to get out into their communities and spread kindness, whether it be in a single day or a whole year of acts. In this year of change, some adjustments were brought to the Class Act Program to better serve its participants. The Random Acts – Class Act Facebook group was opened to allow members to connect with one another, share resources, inspiration, and support during these challenging times. Additionally, the program has also opened its eligibility for all homeschool programs.

Please join us in celebrating our 2020 Class Act winner, Bowmanville High School from Bowmanville, Ontario (Canada)!

About Our Winner 

Milk Bag Mat Club

Kindness abounds!

Bowmanville High School undertook numerous acts of kindness during 2019. From making the morning commute of others a joyful experience to manufacturing milk bag sleeping mats for the homeless, this tenacious group of students made sure their kindness reached not only their school but also far into their community. Read below to see how the students put these awesome acts in action!

Commute with Kindness

The Bowmanville leadership class, SOLE —Students on the Leading Edge, partnered with GO Transit to implement #CommuteWithKindess. Divided into groups, the students surprised commuters on the morning GO buses in Bowmanville and then hopped on the GO trains between Oshawa and Union Station in Toronto, Ontario. They delighted travelers with an assortment of goodies including donuts, candies, balloons, gift cards, and flowers. They also entertained with trivia and positive messages. The kindness did not stop at the commute, though! Once the student groups reached Toronto, they handed out personal care kits to individuals experience homelessness including some bundled with doggie treats for any with canine companions. They also provided much-needed refreshment to thirsty construction workers. On their return trip from Toronto, the students made announcements on the bus and train to conclude their act, “We hope you pay it forward with other acts of kindness. No act of kindness is too small — whether it’s a smile or holding a door open for someone!”

The results of the students’ acts were swift. Happy commuters offered glowingly positive comments like “We need more kindness (…) I think these teenagers are great!” and “Yes, I got a balloon! I’m never too old for this!”  The student participants also benefited greatly from their experience with one commenting, “It’s really important that we share this positive message with people. You sometimes hear or read about people who were saved by a hug or a stranger’s smile. You never know who’s dealing with what.“

Milk Bag Mat Club

Students at Bowmanville started a Milk Bag Mat Club to construct sleeping mats for youth experiencing homelessness in Oshawa. The sleeping mats are constructed out of clean, recyclable milk bags and are used under a sleeping bag as an insulator from the cold ground. A few times a week, a small group of students would gather to cut, tie, and weave the milk bags into sleeping mats. They reached out to their school community and the local Starbucks to source materials and were provided with an abundance of clean milk bag donations. With each mat taking many hours to construct, the group worked tirelessly through their lunch breaks and during their personal time at home to complete 13 mats. They donated them to The Refuge Youth Outreach Centre in Oshawa just in time for Christmas. The group had seven more mats completed for donation after their March break.

The Milk Bag Mat club also participated in a few additional acts of kindness during December.  They took a day to sort food and toys donated to their local Salvation Army in Bowmanville. They also spent some of their lunch breaks to create Christmas cards to deliver to their school neighbors. Equipped with their cards, candy canes, and bountiful spirit, they went door to door spreading holiday cheer.

No Worries Wednesday

Bringing the acts of kindness directly into their own school, students at Bowmanville have set up No Worries Wednesday, a free program to provide a safe drop-in space for students to congregate and participate in a variety of activities like therapy dog sessions, arts and crafts, games, and more. They also provide free snacks for anyone who stops by – from tacos to pancakes, the No Worries Wednesday group goes above and beyond to care for their fellow students.

Our Fantastic Runners-Up

This year had some exceptional runners-up who were all committed to showing their communities kindness.

Joy4All Project – Ever Active School

Highland Avenue Elementary – Highland Avenue Elementary

Special thanks

A special thank you goes to all who participated this year! The effects of your kindness in your communities will be felt long after the acts are completed.

Buc Brigade – Gulf High School

Don’t Be Afraid of the Big Bad Coronavirus – Oppenheim Ephratah St. Johnsville Central School

Kindness Prevails!

Kindness in our communities is needed now more than ever and the Class Act initiative is ongoing! Please take a look at the Random Acts – Class Act Facebook group for ideas on how to get kind remotely!