Nicaragua Trip: Daily Video Diaries

The team representing Random Acts landed safely in Nicaragua on November 20 and their adventure is underway!

From November 20 – 28, members of the team will include Misha Collins, Osric Chau, Random Acts staff, and our top fundraisers. While in Nicaragua, they will meet with the students, teachers, and visionaries of the Free High School, and will have an opportunity to help with construction at the new campus.

During and after the trip we’ll be sharing lots of photos and videos captured on the ground, including a daily video diary from Osric Chau, who will be sharing his experiences and answering some of the questions submitted for him on social media.

Daily Video Diary: Day One – Houston to Nicaragua!

Here is our first Video Diary in the series, Nicaragua Day One.

As the trip progresses, you can watch the entire series directly on our YouTube channel, here.

Osric Chau in Houston