New additions to the Random Acts family!

There have been a few changes within Random Acts over the last few months, and they just keep getting more and more exciting. Our new branding has been met with very positive reactions, and we hope that our new website will have the same effect. We’ve gained a lot of wonderful new supporters over the last few months, and we’re delighted to also add some new staff members to our ever-expanding family.

Heading up our new IT Department is Meg Gauthier and she will be supported by Juliana Su – this fantastic duo will be available for any tech support needs you may have. Chelsea Clayton has joined our Events Team, and she will be looking after our Regional Representatives all around the world – we may have forgotten to tell her that she’ll need to be multi-lingual. Oops. In our Communications Department, we’re joined by Elisabeth Curry who will be looking after our forums and traditional media; Melissa Dark will be leading the way for new media; and Andrea Ramnares will be joining our existing Social Media team.

I’m sure you’ll all join us in welcoming them on board, and don’t forget to say hello if you see them around!

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