Need a little AMOKspiration?

Last year, AMOKaneers ran kindness riot all over the world. From Tehran to London to Los Angeles, cookies were baked, kitty food was purchased, and kind-hearted notes were written – and every last thing was given away.

There’s no doubt about it. AMOK 2012 was awesome.

This year, we expect great things from our AMOKaneers, but we know it’s hard to come up with ideas. Fortunately, we’re here to help! We’ll be providing you with a weekly dose of AMOKspiration right up until the event starts, because we want you to run AMOK faster and harder than ever before.

Ready to be AMOKspired? Here we go!

AMOK 2013 is all about having a positive and meaningful impact on others in your community. If you’re in college, you could help your roommates by cooking them dinner – especially helpful if they’re studying for big assignments or tests. Cook their favourite pasta, or whatever they find comforting. It might just mean you get to make a big old chocolate cake, and that’s never a bad thing.

If you’re at home and there’s snow on the ground where you live in March, you could help your neighbours by clearing their driveways. Be sneaky about it – get up early and try and do it before they catch you, that way they’ll think maybe the snow fairies came. For AMOK you can be a little bit trollish – but only in kind ways! (Incidentally, that trick with the snow also works with leaves on garden lawns if AMOK catches you in the autumn.)

There are all sorts ways for you to run AMOK and we’re sure many of you are full of AMOKspiring ideas of your own, especially those of you who ran AMOK in 2012. Why not share your stories? You can write to AMOK at and tell us what you did last year. Alternatively, you can get in touch via any of our social channels. And you should! You never know: we might just feature your story on our blog, and help you do a little AMOKspiring of your own.

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