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We hope you are all planning activities for Endure 4 Kindness, our global endurance event.  We had tons of fun last year with E4K!  Remember, the goals here are to raise funds for Random Acts, have fun, and change your corner of the world a little bit with your endurance activity.

For some of us, thinking of something to do for eight straight hours comes easy – but for others, not so much.  Some ideas to get you started:

  • An athletic pursuit, like running.  You can do this in a relay format, as long as your entire team keeps the relay going for the entire eight hours.
  • Like to bake?  Contact a nursing home, children’s center, or community group andask if you can provide snacks for their residents.
  • Are you a writer?  Why not create a short story just for E4K?
  • Random Acts loves crafters.  Can you knit blankets or make special cards for hospital residents or a children’s hospital?

With E4K, we are looking for people to do what they are best at, for as long as they can do it. Whatever your talents, you can use them for E4K.

And now for some words of wisdom …

Random Acts take many forms, and we want you to have fun.  Get creative.  Be innovative.

But be safe.

Recognize that an act of kindness is a gift to others – so you are serving them, not your desire to do something for Random Acts; be aware of your surroundings in public; and remember the internet is a giant town square, with some wonderful pockets of goodness and other sketchy corners.  In short: have fun, be smart, stay safe.

Now that the serious stuff is over … are you still looking for ideas for E4K?

NerdyMind will be sewing plushies for 24 hours straight and donating them to Toys for Tots, a children’s toy charity.

Angela will be running and collecting donations per every kilometer she runs.

Anna will be walking as long as she can.

So what are you good at?  Can you endure?  Check out our forums for more ideas.

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