May #GetKind: Celebrating Our Educators

#GetKindAccording to recent world reports, on average, some 75 percent of high school students in developed countries receive their diploma every year, and the statistics within developing regions are slowly creeping higher as well. Despite a tenuous global economic outlook, the numbers are turning a corner for the positive. In order to properly thank those largely responsible for that change, Random Acts has elected for its official May #GetKind theme to celebrate the educators that got them there.

“All of us have a responsibility to not only make sure our own children have pathways to success but that all children do,” reiterated President Obama in a recent address, indicating the importance of providing expanded and equal opportunities to youth everywhere. The individuals leading the charge on that front, of course, are teachers.

This month, we’re encouraging you to reach out and commit to being kind to those who spend their days grading and planning, hopping from substitute classroom to substitute classroom, and ensuring the safety and stability of university, elementary, middle, and high schools nationwide — and we’ve got a few ideas and campaigns to help you get the ball rolling:

  • utaqc80Tell your teachers how important their job is,” suggests Assistant Regional Representative Barbara Rubel, “and [let them know] that every extra hour is greatly appreciated.” Sometimes the simplest gestures can change someone’s day!
  • “Collect supplies for your local school and donate them (e.g. stationary, books, paints, music and sports equipment, or anything that many teachers spend their own hard-earned money on for their classrooms),” says Act Proposals Officer Sarah Cavanagh, who also suggests that freshly baked cookies dropped off in the staff room don’t hurt either….
  • Get hands on! Find out if a local community center is in need of teachers or teaching assistants and volunteer your time and know-how. An afternoon spent teaching introductory computer skills to those less fortunate or unused to technology is much better spent than sitting around at home wondering what to do all day, after all.
  • Anna Roberto 2013No longer a student? Find out if your favorite instructors are still teaching and drop by after the final bell to say thank you. Make sure to let them know how they changed your life for the better. Extra kindness points if you make them a crafty card or write a cute haiku to show them their mentoring didn’t go to waste!
  • Convince your fellow classmates to help you #GetKind for your professors and be extra attentive in class! We know there are plenty of distractions to keep your from paying attention these days (hello, Twitter!), but your instructors will really feel the love if you show them you want to hear what they have to say too.
  • “Don’t forget everyone else on campus — like the caretaker or the people at the cafeteria — they work hard for you or your students to feel comfortable,” says Barbara. “Thank them and let them know you appreciate their efforts!”
  • homepage2Help us raise funds to build a free high school in Nicaragua! We’ve already received over $100,000 in donations to go directly to the school in San Juan del Sur, which will allow both teens and adults the opportunity to gain a valuable education as well as give teachers a place to share their special talents. Join the team today and make a difference on a global scale!
  • Get involved in Class Act! Our annual student and teacher kindness challenge just came to a close for the official 2014-2015 school year, but a new season is already underway! The Class Act Award program is specifically designed for classrooms, grade levels, sanctioned school groups or entire schools and instructors alike to join hands and work together to effect positive change in the world. By performing an act of kindness or multiple small projects together, you and your school group can be entered to win $3,000 to be used at your discretion. Keep an eye out for this year’s winner in the coming days, and start planning for next spring!

Make sure to check out our Kindness Files page if you’re still stuck on ways to show appreciation for the teachers in your life. Now let’s get out and #GetKind!

We’re here to help! Head over to our “Get Involved” page and find out if you qualify for aid by filling out an act proposal form — we offer financial assistance to those who need it to complete their projects.