Your March #GetKind Assignment: Neighborhood and Community



We know that sometimes, our supporters are inspired to make the world a bit more kind – but aren’t sure about the next steps. What’s the best way to help? What should I be doing?  The new #GetKind program is here to help! Each month, we will have a new theme to inspire your kindness quotient. Please use the hashtag #GetKind so we can share these great ideas, all year long!

Time for a new #GetKind theme!  In January, Random Act’s #GetKind theme was hunger and in February, helping our furry, winged and scaled friends.  This month, we are launching a new topic:  let’s think about how to help our neighbors and community at large.

The Random Acts team is especially excited to see how our supporters – that means you! – interpret this theme.

Do you want to help those close at hand, like a neighbor who could use their sidewalk shoveled, groceries carried into the house, or the family a few doors down who could use a babysitter?

Or are you in the mood to take on a big project, like improving a local park or watershed?  Does your community need a stop sign near a playground, an improved recycling program, or a new dog run at the park?  These ideas might take more than a month to implement – but could make a long-term difference in your community.

Your imagination is the most important resource in transforming your neighborhood.  How do you #GetKind? Check out our social media channels and tell us about your plans.

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