Kindness Experts: Wythall Animal Sanctuary

hoLX_5S2oKSfUm1dKo7gzhR65ajU9OwBAQ0-icsgI7EIn the spirit of this month’s #GetKind theme (animals), we’re happy to showcase this guest blog by “kindness experts”, the Wythall Animal Sanctuary, based in  Birmingham, England. 

Wythall Animal Sanctuary is a small, independent nonprofit, run entirely from donations. Over the past 45 years, we’ve helped thousands of unwanted pets, animals, and wildlife through re-homing and offering permanent sanctuary to those too affected to be able to live in a normal home environment.  

collageThe animals that come to us — horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, small pets, birds, ferrets, and certain wildlife species — are often neglected and need expensive veterinary treatment. Most don’t even have basic, yet essential care. Procedures such as neutering, vaccinating and proper parasite control which should have been taken care of is all too often left for us to pick up instead. Cats are delivering multiple litters of kittens per year to families and individuals unable to care for them; Others believe that breeding dogs and selling puppies is a quick way to earn cash, when in reality they can’t give them away. If more people could see the unintentional suffering these things cause and the lists of unwanted animals waiting to find a new home, perhaps their actions might change, which is why educating the public is so vital.collage2

Stories such as Dylan’s, a friendly Staffordshire Bull Terrier that was living in horrendous dirty conditions came to us malnourished and covered in sores, are far too common. Shockingly enough, Dylan was initially rejected by another rehoming centre after spending one night with them. Thankfully, however, we were able to take him in and give him the care and love he deserved before it was too late.  Our cats, too, sometimes have tragic backstories: Nemo the sweet cat who was so hungry when we took him in that he ate a whole take-away container full of food, was equally as neglected.

Luckily for Dylan and Nemo, Wythall Animal Sanctuary was able to find loving homes for the both of them — but the only way that sort of assistance can continue is with the support of a generous public. Our animals, like those of so many other shelters, are dependent on kind people leaving a legacy in their wills, or becoming a supporter by joining our 100 Club or sponsoring an animal. (General donations are also accepted.)

File_000Wythall Animal Sanctuary also runs a charity shop which is staffed entirely by volunteers, which for local supporters can be found here. We’ve also run successful, professional
boarding kennels for over 30 years (these have been recently fully refurbished and are of a very high standard). Any funds collected through these projects go to helping the rescue animals in our care.

Please visit our website, or find a shelter in your own community that could use a little love. Together, we can help save a few lives… and maybe make some tails wag too.