In the News: Severe Winter Weather in Texas

After an unusually severe snowstorm and a drop in temperatures this week, millions of Texans are without electricity, heat, or clean water. As of this writing, several areas in Texas are under a “Hard Freeze Warning” according to the National Weather Service, meaning that road conditions will be hazardous as the melting snow turns to ice.

What We Know

  • The Texas power grid has been overwhelmed, but power is slowly being restored throughout the state.
  • Because of the damage to pipes and infrastructure across the state, Texans are being instructed to boil their tap water before drinking it.
  • When keeping warm without power, avoid carbon monoxide poisoning by following these safety tips.

Staying Updated

How You Can Help

  • Donate to a Mutual Aid fund in Texas. These funds provide Texans with food, clothing, shelter, and more!
  • For those in Texas: Check on your neighbors, particularly those who are older, disabled, or unhoused. If it is safe to do so, offer rides to medical centers or warming centers.
  • Because the icy roads have disrupted the supply chain, donations of items like food or blankets sent from outside of the state may be delayed. Instead, donate money to organizations on the ground, like Feeding Texas and Texas Relief Warriors.

Our hearts go out to all those affected in Texas. We encourage you to seek out ways to help those in need.