Helping our Friends in Pine Ridge

South Dakota prairie. Courtesy of Pixabay

In March, severe flooding raged through the Pine Ridge Reservation, devastating homes and displacing families in the process. In South Dakota, the area around the reservation is generally dry. But due to storms across the midwest, what once was a dry creek bed is now a raging river. Additionally, over 8,000 people on the reservation land lost their drinking water due to water main breaks, and their livelihoods (including cattle) were put in great risk.

Friends of Pine Ridge

The reservation is home to the Oglala Sioux Tribe, with an estimated population of 40,000 people. With slow response time from government channels, local organization First Families Now stepped in to help the displaced residents. This non-profit compiled a list of needs from the residents hit the hardest. This included beds, clothing, furniture, toiletries, cleaning products, and toys. Everything necessary for survival and for making a house feel like a home. Using donations, Random Acts was able to purchase a variety of goods from their wishlist to provide to the families, some of whom had to start completely from scratch.

Ongoing Assistance

These high flood waters were unprecedented in the region, and the rebuild is only just beginning. There are still plenty of ways you can help with the process. Visit the First Families Now website via Friends of Pine Ridge for more information about what has already been donated, and what is still needed, or simply just make a monetary donation through Paypal. Every last bit of help is appreciated!

Part of our ethos at Random Acts is to help those who might have “fallen through the cracks.” Has there been a crisis in your community and you would like to help? Check out our Kindness Acts page to find out more about how we can help you #getkind!