Help Nepal Earthquake Victims Using These Resources


Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu was rocked on Saturday morning by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, injuring over 5,000 residents and pushing the death toll to over 2,500. The massive quake also triggered a large avalanche on nearby Mount Everest, killing 17 climbers and stranding mountaineers on the slopes as they awaited helicopter rescue in the frigid temperatures. In Kathmandu’s Durbar Square, the once statuesque architecture was reduced to heaps of rubble, burying the landmark in twisted debris. 

I am tired and exhausted, but I have to work and have the strength,” police officer Sudan Shreshtha told Reuters news agency on Sunday, speaking of the some 200 victims being pulled from the rubble of the historic Dharahara Tower.

Only a day and a half later, the fight to find victims of the terrible quake rages on, with exhausted relief workers, families, and loved ones stationed at 16 unique rescue stations, searching through the debris by hand and working through the night to save lives. If you’re looking to lend a hand to their efforts, we’ve compiled a list of resources and organizations to which you might donate time or valuable funding:

  • Mercy Corps: Mercy Corps has been in Nepal since 2006 and has more than 90 volunteers on the ground trying to distribute water, shelter kits, mosquito netting, tarps, cooking utensils, hygiene materials, and some other household provisions,” wrote The New York Times on Saturday. Find information on them here.


  • UNICEF: The children’s aid organization is currently on the ground in Khatmandu providing relief efforts to families and young victims of the quake. You can donate to their relief efforts on their official website.
  • OXFAM: The Washington Post reported on Sunday that OXFAM workers had made it through the violent series of aftershocks disturbing the region and were providing water and supplies to those whose homes had been destroyed. Learn how you can send them assistance here.
  • The nonprofit has been stationed in Kathmandu since Saturday, providing food, water, and temporary shelter to the victims and their families as they work to dig through the debris by hand. Support their efforts here.
  • Red Cross: “Volunteers from the Nepal arm of the Red Cross are helping in the search for survivors,” reported The Times on Saturday. Follow their efforts on Twitter (@ICRC) and donate if you can.


Find even more hardworking organizations (here and here) to give to this week and in the coming days and help us #GetKind for the victims in Nepal. Are you on the ground providing assistance? Don’t forget to tag us in your social media posts so that we can share them with our supporters as well.

Our hearts are with you. Stay safe, Nepal.

— The Staff of Random Acts


(Images via United Nations Development Programme/Flickr)