Hamish the Pig’s new best friend is…

For the last few weeks, Hamish has been so excited about finding out who he’s going to be moving in with that he almost stopped bragging about his ‘starring’ role in Supernatural (he’s still certain that he’s going to be offered a permanent role in the next season, and we’re not quite sure how to break the bad news to him…)

He’s packed his bags and he’s ready to go, so it’s our utmost pleasure to announce that Hamish’s new best friend is Crystal Southard! The points were pretty close in the end, but Crystal took the lead and will soon be receiving her demanding new house guest! Congratulations, and please don’t forget that he likes his kale to be served on a silver platter.


We’re in awe at how amazing each and every participant has been. Over the course of this project, you’ve managed to raise over US$5000, which will help to feed the kids at the Jacmel Children’s Center in Haiti, as well as go towards funding acts of kindness around the world. We’ll be closing the Crowdrise page within the next few hours, so if you have any last minute donations to make, now’s the time.

From Hamish and all of us at Random Acts, we’d like to thank you all for your kindness, and we hope you’ll all join us in congratulating Crystal!