Giving Tuesday: Thank You to Our Supporters!

The mission of Random Acts has always been to conquer the world, one random act of kindness at a time. We would not be able to accomplish this without the support of so many, several of whom we have spent the last several days thanking. But we also know that absolutely none of what we do would be possible if it was not, dear reader, for YOU. And so today, on this Giving Tuesday, we would like to take this opportunity to give very special thanks to every single one of you out there who has become a part of the Random Acts family. You are the true heart, soul, and embodiment of everything we are and everything we strive to be.

Ms. Marvel once said: “Good is not a thing you are — it’s a thing you do,” (G.W. Wilson). With this understanding, we felt that the best way to demonstrate our profound gratitude would be by showing you a small sampling of the good YOUR participation in Random Acts has done this year:

  • In California, the kindness fund bought breakfast for animal welfare volunteers who were fighting on the front lines of the wildfires, rescuing humans and their animal friends.
  • In Australia, a town devastated by flooding was able to receive school supplies to help ready kids to get back into learning after their schools were closed in the aftermath of the disaster.
  • In Atlanta, we were able to donate much-needed supplies to LGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness and needing warmth, food, and a friendly face.
  • In countries around the world, from Canada to Guam to New Zealand to Nepal, the #RANoHungryChild campaign helped feed children and families experiencing food insecurity, providing full bellies and warm smiles.
  • And of course, in Laos, GISHers and other Random Acts supporters came together to help children and adults who have been affected by landmines be properly fitted for prosthetic limbs, effectively and thoroughly changing people’s lives for the better.

All of this came into being through your donations, your time, your clicks, your social media shares, and your incredible spirit of generosity, which compelled you to take time out of your life to improve the lives of others. That you trust us with your time, money, and effort means the world to us. As an organization run entirely by volunteers, we are proud to say that 95 cents out of every dollar donated goes directly into performing acts of kindness. We value your contributions beyond measure, and we are utterly inspired by all of you, every day.

So, from the bottom of our hearts: Thank you. And from all of us here at Random Acts, we wish you and yours so much joy throughout the coming season. Our world is a brighter and kinder place because you are in it.