Getting ready to AMOK it up!



This weekend is AMOK – Random Acts Annual Melee of Kindness. On this global day of kindness, no matter who you are or where you are in the world, we are inviting you to spend this Saturday, March 1, performing kind deeds for people in your local area or community.

So what can you do to AMOK it up? Use your imagination! Spend the day helping animals in need, playing board games with some senior citizens, or bring some groceries to a food pantry or family in need. There’s no limit on kindness!

Random Acts staff will be leaving our bunker to AMOK around with you! Here’s a sampling of what we’re doing this Saturday:

Kae, Marketing Officer: preparing and serving food and cleaning up afterwards at a soup kitchen with a group of friends.

Juliana, IT Officer: serving breakfast to the homeless and very poor through a local non-profit’s daily food service with her sister.

Tina, Executive Assistant: hosting a coat and blanket drive for the Project Safe shelter with former-Random Acts staffer Becca Scott.

Kristyle, Regional Representative Coordinator: will be working at the local Habitat for Humanity build site.

Leslie, Graphic Designer: walking dogs from a local dog rescue shelter and then volunteering at a Friends of the Library bookstore.

Melissa, Marketing Manager: organizing a collection at her office of clothing/food/toys for a homeless children’s shelter.

Angie, Act Proposals Officer: working at the local women’s shelter thrift store and hoping to take a handful of kids with her to help out.

Beverly, Social Media Officer: helping with “spring cleaning” in the neighborhood park and doing some more spring cleaning at the cat sanctuary .

Jennifer, US Southeast Regional Representative: started a garden last year for AMOK and hopes to get it big enough to donate fresh food or the proceeds from a food stand. Jennifer will also be working with a friend to get a few adorable hats to kids on chemo.

We hope hearing what Random Acts staff is doing will inspire you! Feel free to make these ideas your own, or create your own abnosome project. Once AMOK is over, share all the awesome video and/or photos of you in action on our social media pages.

Thanks for making the world a kinder place!

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