#GetKind March: Women of Kindness

tumblr_newcod9ElT1rn2b2ao1_500March is officially here, and in the United States, that means it’s also officially Women’s History Month. Even though Women’s History Month is technically a U.S. celebration, Random Acts hopes to extend that observance worldwide by instituting its own special #GetKind theme by honoring “women of kindness”.

Although our supporter base is made up of a vast network of amazing individuals from all walks of life, this month, we’re encouraging each one to take time out of their week to thank a woman in their life who has gone above and beyond the call to kindness and looked beyond themselves to extend a hand to those who need it. Whether they’re mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, or friends and acquaintances old or new, Random Acts feels that it’s important to let them know that their gestures of love are being seen and noted — that they have not been forgotten in the chaos of everyday life.

So how can you help shine a spotlight on the incredible women in your community and thank them for their efforts?

  • 3 - 993qBcvTalk and listen. Many times, women who spend their days helping others get bogged down by the stresses of daily routine — caring for kids, cooking meals for their families or roommates, remembering to walk the dog, and paying the bills can all start to weigh on them, even if their faces always seem to have a smile. Take them out for a cup of tea or coffee and let them decompress. It’s nice to be able to turn the tables for them for once.
  • Offer to help them with their own kindness projects. Women of kindness tend to multitask, and more often than not, it can lead to a pretty packed schedule. Lend your services as needed and be there to help pack up boxes of donations (those things can get heavy!) or file paperwork and forms. They’ll appreciate it more than you’ll know.
  • Ask how you can help them in their own lives! Sometimes picking up someone’s daughter from soccer or a brother from the airport can mean the difference between a frazzled schedule and a woman being able to sit down for the first time in hours. They do a lot for others — let’s help do something for them.
  • IMG_0024Recognize women of color for their achievements and their willingness to stand and speak out where it’s called for. It’s a rough world out there, but it can be made even harder to accomplish lofty goals sometimes if a person falls outside the majority. Celebrate women who lead important movements towards unity and equality in their community by attending an event in their honor or a project that they’ve put together, and let them know that their accomplishments will not be overlooked.
  • Donate to a women’s shelter or an anti-domestic violence organization. Sometimes it can be difficult to stay positive when everything around a person is telling them the opposite, but there are many women who suffer alone and maintain a gracious air of generosity despite their troubles, giving to others when they might need an equal amount of kindness themselves. Be the one who gives them something in return.
  • Help sponsor a project for a local scout or youth group. Every woman was young and impressionable at one point — let’s help lead the next generation forward with a positive, healthy mindset and teach them to be just as kind and charitable as those who have gone before them.
  • tsighe_mesfunEncourage. Sometimes negativity hurts even the warmest of individuals. Show them you care by finding out what it is they’re passionate about and supporting or joining up in their cause with them, if only for a day.

There are dozens of ways to honor the kind women of your own community, even if it’s simply by giving a hug and telling them you care. And if you aren’t sure who to start with or where to seek them out, remember the words of English primatologist Jane Goodall:

“We must realize that each of us makes a difference with our life. Each of us impacts the world around us every single day.”

It’s easy to find a woman of kindness — all you have to do is look.

We’re here to help! If you’re looking for a few more tips or ideas, make sure to check out our Kindness Files and get inspired. Don’t forget to head over to our “Get Involved” page afterward and fill out an act proposal form — we offer financial assistance to those who need it to complete their projects.