#GetKind: Helping the homeless


We know that sometimes, our supporters are inspired to make the world a bit more kind – but aren’t sure about the next steps. What’s the best way to help? What should I be doing?  The new #GetKind program is here to help! Each month, we will have a new theme to inspire your kindness quotient. Please use the hashtag #GetKind so we can share these great ideas, all year long!


In January, Random Act’s #GetKind theme was hunger and in February, helping our furry, winged and scaled friends.  In March, we talked about how to help our neighbors and community at large.  For April, the #GetKind topic was how best to help the elderly.

For May, the #GetKind theme is how to help the homeless.  There are many reasons people might find themselves without shelter, for just a few weeks or long-term.  Every situation is different, and perhaps that’s the first step to helping the homeless — seeing someone without shelter as an individual worthy of respect and dignity.

Random Acts worked directly with children in need of homes in Haiti; you can read more about that project on our website.  But there are also simple ways to help the homeless you might see in your own community.

  • Keep a list of nearby shelters handy; if you see someone in need, pass the list to them.
  • Pack too much for your picnic?  Offer to share an extra sandwich instead of giving a handful of change.
  • Bring a bag full of nonperishable groceries, like tunafish, peanut butter, and soup to a food drive benefiting the shelters in your area. If your community doesn’t have a food drive, organize one! Make sure you ask your local shelter about their needs!
  • Children without homes might need the most assistance — use your skills to tutor them in math, reading or science.  Or, just be a friend!  Kids without a steady place to live often move frequently and might not have many friends their own age.  You could make a lasting impression on a young mind!
  • Not all of the homeless walk on two legs!  Pets who need families still require walks, playtime, and food.  Many homeless people also have pets in need — give them cans of food or a new leash for their best friend.
  • Donate!  Your time, professional skills or funds can benefit a nonprofit that serves homeless populations.
  • Advocate on behalf of those who might not have an active voice.  Ask you elected officials to support both those currently homeless and those at risk for losing their homes.

Now we want to hear your ideas — how can you use your skills to help the homeless?  Tell us by using the hashtag #GetKind.

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