#GetKind December: Family and Friends

We know that sometimes, our supporters are inspired to make the world a bit more kind – but aren’t sure about the next steps. What’s the best way to help? What should I be doing?  The #GetKind program is here to help! Each month, we will have a new theme to inspire your kindness quotient. Please use the hashtag #GetKind so we can share these great ideas, all year long.


With 2014 swiftly coming to a close (it’s hard to believe, I know), we wanted to do something to celebrate the people who have been by our sides all year long, motivating us to be better and try harder. So for this month’s #GetKind theme, we decided to turn the spotlight on the friends and family members who do just that.

In all of the chaos of the holiday season, it can be easy to forget that those closest to you might also be in need of some uplifting kindness. And while purchasing a smartphone for your brother might seem like a simple enough way of showing you care, sometimes it’s even a little bit less complicated than that.

To get you started, we’ve come up with a few different ways that you can #GetKind for your friends and family members this month, without having to shell out hundreds of dollars on something that they’ll probably return later anyway (I’m looking at you, Mom):

  • Try sending traditional, handwritten letters to family members or friends telling them exactly what they mean to you and how much you love them. Just make sure to #GetKind for your postal carrier as well by not posting them all the day before a major holiday….
  • Anna Roberto 2013Have a surprise breakfast ready to go for friends or family members who have early morning work or school commutes. If this isn’t feasible, you can prepare (or purchase, if you’re not too confident in your “cooking” skills) an equally delicious supper at the end of a hard day instead.
  • “Of all the things we can give to our families and friends, one of the most generous things we can share with them is our attention,” advises Regional Representative Chris (@RARepUSSouthW). “Take the time to consider places where their interests diverge from your own — they might, for example, have a hobby that you don’t know much about. Ask them about it. Spend an afternoon with them, and make a genuine effort to learn about their interest and why they love it.”
  • Pay extra-close attention to your friends and family throughout the month. Is there something small that they particularly need? A chore that they don’t really have time for? Surprise them by helping out when they least expect it and help ease their holiday burdens.
  • CamCrochetsGift your loved ones with handmade presents this year, rather than store-bought ones. You don’t have to be particularly crafty to put together something they’ll love — even printing out a few photos and assembling them in a brightly painted wooden frame or baking up a batch of fresh oatmeal cookies can be a beautiful reminder of how much you care.
  • Miss chatting with grandma or grandpa on a regular basis? Set up a Skype or other video-chat account for them the next time you visit so that connecting with them is made that much simpler. Hooray for technology!
  • “This time of year can be hard for people who have lost friends or family, or who live alone or are socially isolated,” says Regional Representative Sarah (@RARepAustraliaE). “Make sure to check up on friends and neighbours who might be finding the holiday season tough. If you know someone who will be alone over the holidays or who is away from loved ones, invite them to join your celebrations, or drop off a care package with some yummy snacks and kind thoughts.”IMG_9591
  • The holidays are a great time to band together as a family or tight-knit group of friends and #GetKind for the community. Volunteer together at a local soup kitchen or spend the day at an animal shelter and help raise one another’s spirits by doing the same for others who are less fortunate.
  • Make a charitable donation on behalf of a family member or friend. Lots of nonprofits are in need at this time of year and could use your help — find out which causes your loved ones support and send a gift in their name.

There are plenty of ways to #GetKind for your friends and family this holiday season. …Which one will you choose?

Have an idea for an act in your community but need assistance with materials or funding? Stop by and fill out one of our Act Proposal forms. We’re here to help you #GetKind!