From Supernatural to Superspeedway with Shorty on my mind

by Cinde Monsam, Director, Random Acts

The last month has been extraordinary! I always find my Random Acts work exciting and rewarding, but the past 30 days have been pure Random Acts adrenalin-induced-roadrunner–and-the-coyote exciting. Okay, nobody was chasing me and I wasn’t strapped to a rocket, but . . . Actually, maybe I was strapped to a rocket!? Okay, too much visual.

I hope you joined me on this journey; the Marketing team has certainly been doing a good job following me, ‘cause there are just way too many pictures of me floating around for comfort. I’m at the convention, then at the Walk the Track event, then in the stands taking in the Sprint Cup NASCAR race and the Las Vegas Sun and most recently all dressed up with two of the greatest girls ever at the Shorty Awards! If you’ve missed any of that, please check out our social media feeds or the media gallery on this website.

The planning and preparation started months before, but the ultimate culmination of all that hard work was in two very heartwarming and fulfilling events. Our partnership with Creation Entertainment continued as we were a part of the Las Vegas Convention and provided an avenue for donations to HELP of Southern Nevada. Then, it was on to AMOK at the Las Vegas Motorspeedway with The Boys and Girls Clubs of Las Vegas. I should stop here and thank Paulette Anderson, the director of The Speedway Children’s Charities, without whom a large number of our activities couldn’t have been possible.

I am always so moved by the generous nature of Supernatural fans. I have been involved with three conventions and each time the fans rise to the occasion and provide needed items, monetary donations or enthusiastic moral support for Random Act’s efforts. The hours are long and there is always an unexpected challenge or two that needs to be met, but the experience is overwhelmingly positive. For HELP of Southern Nevada, we collected over five large boxes of items and over $1500 in cash donations for their Baby First Services program. The donated items ran the gamut of cutest-ever clothes and toys to fundamentals such as diapers and formula. I meet with the director of HELP of Southern Nevada and she could not have been a lovelier human being, and she’s working hard to help people attain resources to get them through difficult times. She was most grateful for our efforts.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Las Vegas kids had a full day of NASCAR and were so amazing. These kids come from challenging situations and just getting to spend the day enjoying a sporting event would be considered an exceptional day. Add to that a TV show star – Misha Collins – an up close and personal view of the race track and pit area, and finally a headset that lets you listen in on the conversation between race car driver and pit crew during the race, and the day becomes over the top!

I spent the day having fun and getting to know the kids. One of the oldest really touched my heart when he spoke about a young life full of drug abuse, neglect, fear and hopelessness. He then explained that being a part of The Boys and Girls Clubs changed all that for him. He saw a way out, a future, possibilities! His actions spoke volumes as he looked after the little kids, made certain everyone was having a good time and took full advantage of the opportunity. What an amazing young man, and an amazing organization that showed him a better way. For me, it was an opportunity, for which I don’t have the applicable adjective, to meet someone who has such renewed vision for his future. That was a Random Acts moment!

Shorty, oh my Shorty, might you be ours again? I strapped on that rocket and one month later, on to the Shorty Awards I flew, with Tammy and Andrea from our social media team. Who, by the way, you really need to get to know because these ladies are about as awesome as two human beings can get! They are part of an amazing team, which includes Melanie, and collectively, talk to you on just about every social media venue available. Their manager, Melissa, also oversees the Creative Arts team that provides the best visuals on all the channels. Then add the occasional input from every department at Random Acts, including me, and oh yeah…there is our beloved founder and Board President, Misha Collins . . . I think you could say we’ve got your social media needs fully covered!

Several months of preparation, voting, interviews and excitement later find us in New York City, NY. Now I’m a girl, so I don’t need much reason to go shopping and buy a new party dress, accessories, etc. But send me to the Shorty Awards, for the second time this year as the Vox Populi winner, and I’m riding on cloud nine! The three of us got there early, sat right up front and waited. The thrill of the evening was heightened when Misha won for the actor category and then provided a congratulatory video when . . . hold your breath . . . we WON! Lights, cameras, public speaking thanks to YOU our supporters and interviews later . . . We are just over the moon happy and so very grateful and thankful for all of you.

As I write this, I’m trying to determine how it should conclude. What ending would be appropriate? When quite frankly, I don’t ever want these experiences to end! I’ll ride this rocket forever, if it means I get to keep working with a team of such amazing individuals, being involved with such incredible organizations, helping people that are awesome, swallow my fear and stand on a stage accepting an award that was only possible because you came along for the ride and supported Random Acts the whole way. No ending then . . . just possibilities!

Watch the video of Cinde’s and Misha’s Shorty acceptance speeches

Watch the Shorty Awards interview with Cinde and two of our Marketing team members, Tammy and Andrea


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