From our Director: E4K, Random Acts’ Mission and You

Cinde Monsam

We are pleased to bring you a post by Cinde Monsam, Director of Random Acts.  

It’s really hard for me to believe that E4K (Endure for Kindness) events are completed and in just a few short weeks, Random Acts’ biggest fund raiser of the year will draw to a close.  E4K participants are still collecting donations from their supporters and Random Acts’ Crowdrise page is still open for donations, so if you haven’t yet made the commitment to be a part of the change and conquering Random Acts’ style, now is most definitely the time!   And quite honestly, we can use your help.

All non-profits need to raise money, and coming right out and asking for it seems, well … aggressive.  Going it alone is even worse and feels, well … isolating.  So we decided that if we were going to ask for money we should earn it and everything is easier and more fun with friends, so we invited you all along.  Ok, I admit that it didn’t go exactly like that, Misha was the instigator, but my version is close, very, very close. Bottom line, E4K was born and is getting bigger and better with age; thanks to all of you!

Random Acts’ needs E4K, because quite frankly we need financial resources (that would be money) to fund acts throughout the year.   The money that is raised during our E4K event is the largest single source of funding for Acts projects.  Accordingly, the more money we raise, the more acts we can do.  We operate on a very simple budgeting philosophy at Random Acts … if the money isn’t in the bank, then we don’t spend it. We really, really want to spend our money in ways that promote the ongoing culture of kindness, like our newest venture Class Act.  None of which is possible without your support, and so if you can give money or raise some for Random Acts during E4K, we are, well … grateful and appreciative.

I have had a blast the last two years with my E4K events, last year a true testament of my physical endurance and fortitude and this year more a testament of my creative thinking and situational utilization skills.   However, both WERE difficult in their own way and that is exactly the point of E4K!  You must be willing to endure some level of difficulty and overcome some obstacle, whatever form those may take.  I hope that the challenge(s) you faced with E4K have made you more self-aware and having found success in your accomplishment, well … proud. Besides, Random Acts cannot go conquering the world with an army of soldiers untested in battle, now can we?

Finally and most importantly, E4K is designed and meant to be inclusive and fun.  So if you participated this year, good for you, congratulations; I’m proud of you!  If you didn’t, then start now preparing for next year, it is never too late to join in the fun! Honestly, there is just no better way to spend a weekend in November because it is just, well…amazing!

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