Fresh Fruit for Kids

As part of #RANoHungryChild, Random Acts provided a monetary donation to the Lowcountry Food Bank of South Carolina. These funds will be used in the food bank’s Fresh Fruit for Kids initiative, which the food bank created to give children access to healthy food that they may not normally have.


The Farmers Market Experience

This initiative is a mobile distribution program designed to serve families in particularly needful areas, and it is set up like a mini farmers market. Each child gets a bag and stands in line to choose from several different kinds of fruit. The little shoppers are encouraged to try one new kind of produce that they may not have had the chance to taste before, such as blueberries.

With this donation from Random Acts, 400 children will be able to pick out five pounds of fresh fruit each to take home. Perishables like fresh fruit are often missing from the shelf-stable items that food pantries tend to provide, and we love that the Lowcountry Food Bank brings fresh food to the children in such a creative and fun way. Because the shoppers get to choose the fruit they bring back to their families, they will be more likely to eat the fruit themselves.

This program also helps local farmers: The food bank sources surplus produce from local farmers and pays them for the production cost of the produce that they were unable to sell at the market. The local economy also benefits as a result.

If you’d like to help the Lowcountry Food Bank of South Carolina with this marvelous program, or with one of their other various efforts, please visit their website and see what you can do.