Fighting Hunger in Southern Nevada

As part of the #RANoHungryChild program, our next move against hunger teamed Random Acts with Three Square, southern Nevada’s only food bank. With the admirable goal of eradicating hunger in its community, Three Square serves Lincoln, Nye, Esmeralda, and Clark Counties.

This organization fights hunger by combining traditional food banking— which typically involves warehousing canned and boxed goods—with obtaining surplus foods from sources in the grocery and hospitality industries. They also provide ready-to-eat meals to families in need. Together, this results in what they call “the most complete food solution for southern Nevada.” 

A Collaborative Community

Perhaps the most inspiring secret to Three Square’s success is the involvement of the community. They have over 1,600 local partners, including faith-based organizations, schools and after school food programs.

Local businesses have also joined the fight, as well as food distributors, the gaming industry, government entities, the media, higher education institutions, the Clark County School District and thousands of donors and volunteers.

Their efforts in 2017 resulted in 45 million pounds of food distributed through their volunteers and partners.

Stretching Dollars for Struggling Families

Three Square’s three-prong attack has made it possible for them to provide three full meals with every dollar donated to their organization. Random Acts is pleased to provide them with a monetary donation to assist them in their cause and provide meals for at-risk children and families.

Go and Do Likewise

Because Three Square’s impressive results can be tied to its stellar community involvement, we encourage you to contact your local food bank and see how you can help them in ending hunger in your hometown. 

As Three Square says, “We’re fighting hunger one meal at a time. Join us.”