February #GetKind: Nurses, Doctors & Healthcare Workers

FotorCreatedIt’s the start of a new month which can only mean one thing: a shiny new #GetKind theme! In past months, we’ve chosen themes like “Mental Health” and “The Environment”, in the hopes that our supporters would be able to channel their collective positive energy toward one specific cause — and this February, Random Acts has chosen to honor one especially hardworking group of people, the nurses, doctors, and all the healthcare workers that keep us safe and healthy on a regular basis.

Whether they’re busy tending to patients in war-torn regions or delivering an infant for a couple ready to start a family, doctors, nurses, and healthcare providers are vital to the development of societies around the world — but surprisingly, it’s these very same people that tend to be forgotten when the world talks about heroism and selflessness. Perhaps it’s simply due to the way they seamlessly blend into the background of each culture that leads us to overlook them so easily.

Whatever the case, Random Acts is hoping to change all of that. This month, while you’re brainstorming ways to #GetKind, keep in mind the following tips and suggestions to help the healthcare workers in your community:

  • IMG_0035Say “Thank you.” This one sounds simple enough, right? “Everybody likes to be thanked,” one advice physician wrote in a 2010 blog post. “So if you want to thank a doctor, go for it!” Whether it’s a hug for your child’s pediatrician (ask if it’s okay first!), or a thank you card for the surgeons, paramedics, or mental healthcare professionals that took care of you during a scary time, it never hurts to spread the love.
  • Arrive at your appointments on time! Sometimes things happen. We understand. But if you can, make sure that you’re either early or on time to your appointments, in order to keep your doctor, nurse, or healthcare provider’s schedule flowing smoothly without any snags or hiccups.
  • Got there a bit too early? Use that time to get to know the office administrators! Medical assistants and techs are often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the average hospital day. Show them you care about the work they do by bringing a couple extra teas or coffees and ask them about their favorite part of the job (if they’ve got the time, of course)!
  • Feed them! Sure, it seems silly. But think about it: All those hours of rushing about and tending to other people can really wear someone down. Sometimes a simple offer of lunch or a midday snack can put a smile on your healthcare providers’ faces. If you’ve got the time and funds, pick out a nearby restaurant that can cater to your local doctor’s office or clinic and select a crowd favorite that you know everyone will enjoy. (…And if you don’t have the funds? That’s where we come in!)
  • Take their advice seriously. This one sounds obvious, but it’s one of the most important ways you can show your healthcare providers that you care about what they have to say. Doctor told you no caffeine that week? Listen to them! Did the nurse tell you not to eat anything after midnight, the day before your surgery? An ice cream cone at 12:30 a.m. probably isn’t following the rules (sorry). Therapist ask you to ice that injury twice a day? You’d better ice it twice a day. Not only will listening to your healthcare providers help show them that you value their expertise, you’ll feel a whole lot better as well.

This February, remember to #GetKind for those who spend their days making sure everyone around them is happy and healthy — you never know how far your small gesture will go in making someone’s day a little bit brighter.

We’re here to help! Head over to our “Get Involved” page and find out if you qualify for aid by filling out an act proposal form — we offer financial assistance to those who need it to complete their kindness projects. Don’t forget to tell us about your amazing acts on social media too! Make sure to tag all your posts with the hashtag #GetKind, or submit your media here — you could be featured in a future post!