Featured Sponsor: Redfin

Here at Random Acts we’re fortunate to have the support of some amazing sponsors, and today we’d like to say a huge thanks to the lovely folks over at Redfin.

Launched in 2006, Redfin set out to “redefine real estate in the customer’s favor” with innovative map-based search.  The company writes on its website, “we joined forces with agents who wanted to be customer advocates, not salesmen” and “deepened our technology beyond the initial search to make the home tour, the listing debut [and] the whole process, faster, easier and worry-free.”

As well as helping over 80,000 customers save more than $400,000,000 so far, Redfin says it stays at the cutting edge of real estate by “investing in every home we sell, by measuring our performance and improving constantly.”

Redfin’s generous contribution enables us to keep on funding acts of kindness around the world. Thank you!

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