Featured Partner: Plantables

plantablesOver the past few months, Random Acts has announced a handful of exciting new partnerships in our mission to change the world one random act of kindness at a time, and we’re happy to announce yet another of these collaborations once more.

Recently, some of our donors received in the mail a thank you note with a very special box of wildflower seeds inside, provided by our friends at Plantables. Established by owners Jim Schreiber and Karen Klyczek, Plantables is a one-of-a-kind business where workers of all abilities share their skills to create seed-embedded, environmentally supportive products for gardens.

A wide array of community members, such as students in the Communicative Disorders program at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, also work side by side with Plantables employees to develop and enhance beneficial relationships and interaction skills, while simultaneously educating the public about the importance of honey bees and other pollinating insects in our environment and the recent decline in the health of those bees.

In order to raise this awareness and give Plantables workers an opportunity to use their skillsets in a supportive production capacity, the company produces high quality, whimsical seed embedded paper products made from recycled paper that will attract beneficial insects.


In partnering with Random Acts, Plantables has produced a line of these wildflower seed “Bee Bombs” specifically with our nonprofit in mind. “Bee Bombs” are made of clay, compost, and seeds for plants that are good for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators and beneficial insects. By throwing Bee Bombs onto some soil, into a field, a hillside, or anywhere else available, beautiful flowering plants will bloom and support important insect populations and will remind you to “Bee Kind” for wildlife everywhere.

Fifty percent of the proceeds from each sale of these uniquely branded Bee Bombs will go towards raising funds for Random Acts to support our mission of spreading kindness around the world and will further our goal of being able to provide funding to all those looking for some financial assistance in their kindness missions. They are currently available on the Plantables website here, and are sold in boxes of four or 10 for $5 and $10 respectively.


Concerned about how the wildflowers in each Bee Bomb will fare in your specific region? Plantables has produced several variations of seed which are customized to local environments. You can select which one you’d like at the time of purchase.

Random Acts is pleased to be a part of this incredible opportunity for collaboration. By partnering with a company dedicated to “Bee-ing Kind” and offering a healthy working environment to many who might otherwise have a difficult time finding jobs suited to their respective needs, we’re one step closer to our goal of changing the world, one small movement at a time.


Read more about Plantables and see the amazing things they’re doing in their community on their official website. Don’t forget to like our friends over on Facebook and Twitter too!