Featured Partner: Organic Perspectives

ra_partner_organic_perspectivesOver the past couple of years, Random Acts has experienced exponential growth, and with it, a host of new and exciting partnerships.

One of these new partnerships is the Ugandan environmental nonprofit, Organic Perspectives. Founded in 2007, Organic Perspectives “promote[s] food security and enhance[s] smallholder farmers’ incomes through sustainable and economically-viable” agricultural forays, and has adopted a “three prong approach” which includes “agroforestry, sustainable household energy, and organic gardening” (organic-persp.org, 2012).

ph_grid7_10752_39585Employing dedicated resources from a small handful of partners, Organic Perspectives aims to equip the rural poor of the African nation with the opportunity and training to build up the Uganda Community Farm, a self-sustaining effort that aims to cancel out hunger and extreme poverty.

By growing a number of diverse crops and selecting one “model farmer” from each surrounding village to act as a training liaison, the Farm plans to market its business model to other communities and eventually provide direct delivery to larger businesses, like local international hotels and beverage industries, acting as an ph_grid7_10752_40188“Over-the-Counter”, local organic farmer’s market (ugandafarm.org, 2014).

With over 89% of the country living in rural areas and 85% of these primarily dependent on subsistence farming, Random Acts felt it important to ensure that our involvement with the Community Farm leave a lasting impact on the community members and help provide a successful future vision for all involved.

Keeping this in mind, our team set out to fund and/or purchase the following farming resources with help from your generous donations:

  • Two (2) spraying pumps, totaling $250.00 USD
  • ph_10752_62170Watering implements, totaling $900.00 USD
  • One (1) acre of ginger seeds and support related to its planting and cultivation, totaling $4500.00 USD
  • Support towards two (2) acres of carrots and support related to its planting and cultivation, totaling $900.00 USD
  • Land preparation support, including purchase of hand tools, totaling $1500.00 USD
  • One (1) acre of garlic and support related to its planting and cultivation, totaling $250.00 USD
  • Support towards crop and soil preparation for one (1) growing season, totaling $1000.00 USD

( Final tally: $9300 USD )

With these updated resources, the Uganda Community Farm’s collective market strategy will help farmers obtain a ‘High Value Agriculture Market Share’ that they were unable to access before and further their goal of building a self-sustaining society whereph_grid7_10752_43706 only poverty and frustration once reigned.

Here at Random Acts, we are passionate about pledging time, effort, and resources to causes and partners that strive to beautify and enlighten their small corner of the world, …and we believe that Organic Perspectives and the members of the Uganda Community Farm team are doing just that.

To find out about Organic Perspectives and see what they’ve been up to in recent days, head on over to check out their website and watch their progress

All photos via Organic Perspectives/Global Giving.