Family Finds Strength in the Spirit of Community

In rural Australia, a dad and his two sons were seeking a fresh start through a recent move. Together, they found strength in the spirit of community thanks to help from Beverley Burrows-Pym, Random Acts Fundraising Coordinator.

Already, the dad has overcome personal challenges in many ways.  For example, he is weathering the receivership of his small business and seeking help for his mental health. In addition, he is striving to support his autistic sons, who have their own communication and sensory needs in order to process these big changes at their own paces.


Thankfully, this family was not going it alone on this journey. With Beverley’s assistance, the dad had already secured new appliances, including a washing machine and a refrigerator. Both of these are important to maintaining a healthy, comfortable life at home for an active family.

Now, Beverley wPhoto of colored pencils in yellows, oranges, reds, greens and blues laying on top of blank lined notebook on a new mission with renewed vigor to help the boys prepare for their upcoming school year. It was time to go hunting for school supplies. This is not an easy feat when the nearest shopping trip is 250 kilometers (~156 miles) away!

Without these critical supplies, children may face unnecessary obstacles that prevent them from actively learning and participating in the classroom. Sometimes, not having the ‘right stuff’ could potentially lead to feelings of anxiety and embarrassment, or even being bullied.

At length, Beverley hunted through several department stores until she had finally gathered a uniform, backpack, water bottle and filled-to-bursting pencil case for each of the boys. Upon returning from her mission, the two of them had a very big hug waiting for Beverley in gratitude.


In the spirit of community, Beverley helped the dad set up himself and his sons for great success in their new home. At any time, it is crucial that community members are able to turn to one another for charitable support anPhoto of students sitting at desks in a classroom with a teach standing in front of a whiteboard.d guidance without fear of judgement.

In light of this situation, this saying popularly credited as an African proverb is very fitting: it takes a village to raise a child. With the support of friends and school staff, this family is leading a happier, healthier life. His family feels safe in their new home, and the sons are excitedly awaiting the school year with the right tools to achieve anything and everything.

These acts of kindness may one day reap benefits for the entire community, but should never be performed with the expectation of praise or recognition. Above all else, family, friends and neighbors must selflessly raise each other up to achieve great success.

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