Endure4Kindness 2014

E4K shortLast year marked our very first annual Endure4Kindness challenge – our main fundraising effort for the year – a worldwide event that invited participants to perform one continuous planned activity or physical feat for as long as possible in one 24-hour period. With that challenge in mind, you performed brilliantly – and with your help, Random Acts was able to raise over $74,000 in one weekend.

This year, we’re asking you to join us once again in support of each other’s efforts by following along with our training diary: for the next nine weeks, we’ll be posting regular updates and training tips from our supporters, in addition to occasional inspirational posts from our (excited) new mascot.

So what sorts of activities can you do for this year’s E4K? While we encourage physical activity, it really is up to you. Be creative! Planning on running as far as you can in 8 hours? Go for it! You want to bake a dozen cakes and plates of cookies to give to your neighbors? We’re not stopping you. Last year, one of our followers even held a dance marathon for 18 hours straight, rehearsing, choreographing, and performing an original piece. And how could we forget fervent Random Acts supporter Osric Chau? His  24-hour League of Legends marathon in 2013 showcased just how unique your own act can be.

This year’s E4K takes place over the weekend of October 18th- 19th, so the best time to start planning is now. You can read up on the small print here. In the following weeks, we will be creating a Crowdrise page to track our general progress. If you’re a participant, you’ll then be asked to create your own fundraising page and recruit your friends and family for pledges and support. To help you keep track of your pledges we even created a handy pledge form for you to download.

While E4K is all about endurance, we don’t want you to exhaust yourself. So if you can only cycle for 5 hours, don’t push yourself past your limit—park your bike, get some water, and take a well-deserved rest. You’ll have earned it.

Don’t forget, you don’t have to act alone: get your friends involved relay-style or all together—the more the merrier. Can’t participate? No worries. E4K participants are always in need of loyal supporters, so stop by our store to pick up some gear and get ready to cheer them along!

Make sure to keep an eye on our blog here as the weeks progress—we can’t wait to see how you Endure4Kindness.