E4K Update: Thanks to you, we raised almost $69,000

Here at the Random Acts bunker, we have not been able to stop doing the happy dance. Hundreds of people endured calluses, weather and their own exhaustion this past weekend to raise almost $69,000 to fund acts of kindness throughout the world during Endure 4 Kindness (E4K).

Last year hundreds of individuals all around the world came together to take part in the first ever Random Acts endurance event. We had so much fun E4K is now an annual event about challenging yourself and putting forth the effort and sacrifice to make a big difference in someone else’s life.

Our fearless leader, Misha Collins, ran 20 miles through Los Angeles for his E4K adventure past crowds of supporters and even some fans that joined him for parts of his route. “The very first funds raised for our non-profit were from pledges collected for my 50 mile run. We are carrying on the tradition with well over 200 people participating in all kinds of endurance fundraisers this weekend. I say we are all running fools. Might as well do some good while we are at it.”

E4K participants have all sorts of talents. Kara ran 21K – a half marathon – in support of E4K. “Five blisters. At least three different body parts currently writing very stern letters of complaint. Walking is difficult. Descending stairs is nigh impossible,” Kara hadn’t trained for such a long run, and the Random Acts team is proud of her accomplishment.

Team Science Bros delivered 150 mini- apple, strawberry, and strawberry rhubarb pies to the Larkin Street Youth Services in San Francisco via the Food Runners volunteer organization. According to the Team, the kids were very happy to see their snacks, all lovingly wrapped with the E4K logo. K & J Orchards donated 50 pounds of apples, which were used in the pies. Plus, Team Science Bros collected $200 in donations to Random Acts! Thanks to all involved in this special project.

Kerry Kittleson raised $1,203 for Random Acts by crocheting sock-monkey hat. Kerry plans to give away all of the hats she created during E4K, creating 10 of these intricate hats over the course of the weekend.

In past years, funding from Endure4Kindess were used to fund activities all over the world, including a school bus for the students of the Free High School in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua and to provide gas cards to a family travelling hours daily to visit their premature baby in the hospital. In addition, Random Acts supporters are encouraged to create their own projects and have received funds to perform 38 acts of kindness in just the first two quarters of 2013. Over $10,000 has been spent on those funded acts.

Random Acts Director Cinde Monsam said, “E4K is a full-on participatory endeavor by Random Acts’ supporters. They have a lot of fun, challenge themselves and others, while gaining support and encouragement that they can achieve their personal goal and share kindness at the same time. I am always overwhelmed by the number of participants, their creativity, their willingness to endure and of course their generosity! Endure 4 Kindness participants are all winners and Random Acts salutes them!”

Did you participate in E4K? Fund raising doesn’t close til the end of November, so you still have time to coax supporters to donate. And if you Endured last weekend, please (pretty please with sugar on top) fill in a participation form.

Don’t forget to grab your supporter badge off of the Random Acts website and show some pride in your accomplishment. Start preparing for next year!

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