E4K Training Blog: Week Two

E4K shortHave you started your E4K training yet? It’s not too early to start planning: whether you’ll be running, skating, dancing, fishing, knitting, or hosting the world’s longest online hangout, we’re here to support you.

For this year’s E4K fundraising challenge, we’ve brought in a brilliant and highly qualified coach to provide training tips and motivational prompts. A three time medalist and former world championship participant, he has a wealth of knowledge and brings an outstanding level of intensity to everything he does. In the next few weeks, he will be kindly preparing an inspirational video to help officially usher in the 2014 E4K season. Keep an eye out!

In addition to assembling inspirational missives, our special guest coach will also be rewarding you for your efforts: each week, we ask that you send us photos and videos of your training, along with a note describing your progress. We will randomly select one winner per month leading up to E4K to receive a special video message from our coach — and our excited little mascot, of course — encouraging your dedication to your goal.

If you’re still in the brainstorming stages, don’t forget that there are a lot of different things you can do for E4K, and we encourage you to be unique. Here are a few of the many things our staff and supporters are planning this year, in case you still need some ideas:

  • tumblr_na5m7vNs4l1rn2b2ao10_r1_500Aside from running, if you’re looking for a physical activity, you can try swimming, cycling, or hiking to change things up and get a breath of fresh air. Rollerblading is also absolutely acceptable (but beware of stray sticks).
  • Not big into cardio? No worries — try leading an extended yoga session for your friends or meditating in your favorite park or quiet spot for the afternoon. Maybe you’ll discover the meaning of life while you’re at it….
  • Some of our staffers are serious foodies and have real epicurean talents (or at least a general love for chocolate chips). Follow their lead and spend the day baking and delivering treats for your neighbors or coworkers.
  • tumblr_n9t2ukmwNx1rn2b2ao6_500Earlier this year, we asked you to #GetKind for the elderly and you showed us just how amazing you all are. If you’re looking to spend the day brightening lives, try assembling a traveling singing group or band and arrange to visit one or two assisted living centers or nursing homes.
  • Speaking of #GetKind, August’s theme is the arts — so why not borrow some inspiration and spend your E4K weekend painting a giant mural somewhere in the city with your friends? Make sure you get permission first!
  • Animal shelters, food banks, women’s shelters, and after school programs for youth are nearly always in need of an extra helping hand. Plan to dedicate at least a few hours assisting them with whatever they need, if you’re able.
  • tumblr_n9t2ukmwNx1rn2b2ao9_500Nature is a wonderful thing, so let’s keep it beautiful: spend the day picking up trash at your local beach or park.
  • At Random Acts, we encourage small acts of generosity everyday to make kindness a habit. By collecting and donating clothing and other items for your local Goodwill, you’re giving another person a chance to procure the things they need and make a fresh start. It may not seem like much to you, but to someone else, it could mean the world.

Once you’ve assembled your plans, make sure to head over to our E4K page to read up on the fine print. You can then set up a fundraising page and print out a pledge form to track donations from your friends, family, and anyone else that wants to get involved.

Remember: the money raised during our annual E4K challenge enables us to fund your acts of kindness and some of our own projects throughout the year. If you aren’t able to participate, we still encourage you to lend your amazing support to those that are completing activities. We want everyone to feel that they’re a part of something special.

Get out there and start planning! We’re excited to see what you can do!