E4K Training Blog: Week Three

E4K shortGreetings, E4K participants!

We know how busy you are right now, planning your activities and preparing your schedules for this year’s event. Your dedication and hard work are incredible — so much in fact, that you’ve inspired our staff members to join in again. So what are we getting up to this year?

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 9.55.40 PMDirector Cinde writes, “This will be my third year as an E4K participant. The first year, I biked 50 miles with the coolest partner ever, Becca. Last year it was a Haitian art party where a masterpiece was created, and this year I will be Kayaking the treacherous waters of Lake Norman. Okay, they aren’t treacherous, but I’ll be on them from dawn to dusk.” Don’t forget a life jacket, Cinde — We’ll be cheering you on!



Our intrepid IT Manager, Juliana, will be running again this year. Last year, she ran over 14 miles through the beautiful scenery of a national park and even got a chance to watch a flag football game during her water break. If you run into her during E4K, try and see if you can keep up with her! (Hint: it will be difficult, but we believe in you.)


kae_winters_thumbSay hello to our perpetually cheery Marketing Officer, Kae. This year, says Kae, “I’ll be knitting… but I haven’t decided what yet! I’m considering making preemie hats to donate to a local hospital.” Whatever she does, we know it will be fantastic. (If you’ve seen any of our staffers wearing fabulous knitted mustaches around town, that’s all Kae. Talk about talent!)


annan_akerman_thumbIf you’ve seen any of our amazing artwork, you know just how creatively gifted our graphic designers are. E4K is no exception: says new mommy Annan, “I will be having a knit-a-thon with a group of friends! Last year we gave the knitted things to a local group that gives them to the homeless, and I think we’ll be doing the same this year.” With all of this knitting, there’s bound to be a multitude of warm, happy people this winter.


DCcon_Laura_with_GuestbookRemember our dear piggy friend, Hamish? His creator, Graphic Designer Laura, will be participating in this year’s E4K — so if you’ve always wanted your own personalized sidekick too, she’ll be taking commissions. “I’ll be doing a marathon portrait / drawing twitch feed,” she writes.  Supporters will also be able to request specific images of “real life stuff… or dragons or whatnot.” Wait… dragons aren’t real?


2fc2f5bSpeaking of warm, happy people, Random Acts IT Officer Rebecca says, “I’ll be making quilts for a charity called Quilts for Kids. Not sure how many I can make in 24 hours, but it should be entertaining to find out!” We can’t wait to find out either… although perhaps we should also send her a basket of bandages and thimbles for her fingers?


beverly_forehandOur social media team usually spends E4K weekend performing their own marathon session — manning their posts (quite literally) on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. Still, when tireless Social Media Officer Beverly isn’t chatting with and answering questions for our lovely supporters over on Tumblr this year, she’ll be helping out some furry friends in need: “I’ll be helping winterize the cat shelters for a local feral cat colony,” she says. “A group of us do this every year and it usually lasts through the weekend.” Keep up the great work, Beverly — we’ll supply the steady stream of coffee.


face2Says Assistant Regional Representative Casey, “I’ll be taking a group of participating friends and doing an overnight backpacking trip, collecting pledges and donations for every mile that we complete. We’re going to do some hiking prior to gear up for it!” Though she hasn’t decided between Death Valley and Joshua Tree, we’re guessing that they’ll have a great time. Remember to hydrate!


RApicRegional Representative Jennifer has had plans in the works for a while now, it seems: “I’m putting together a Zombie Walk in McKinney, Texas,” she says. “100% of our net proceeds for this event will go to the American Red Cross and we’ll also be bringing in a blood drive station.” Zombies and a blood drive in the same weekend? Something about this seems fishy….


meprofileOur stalwart Forum Moderator Aimee is still between a few ideas, including baking beautiful cakes to give away, making silk batik scarves for cancer patients who have lost their hair, or sculpting wonderful works of art. “I’m leaning toward sculpting because I need the practice,” she writes. Perhaps a sculpture of our adorable, soon-to-be-revealed mascot? (Although that might give him too big of a head. Scratch that.)


photo“I want to show that even though I’m choosing a physical activity, it can still be fun and family can be involved,” says Assistant Regional Representative Suzie, who will be hiking as much as she can in her home state of Hawaii “without killing herself.” She even plans to get her dog Blue in on the action: “Last year, he helped cheer on the Honolulu Marathon runners dressed as a reindeer. He’s a good cheerleader!”



Don’t worry, I’ll be sweating it out with the rest of you: for this year’s E4K, I’ll be taking a page out of our Director’s playbook and cycling as far as I can. Of course, I’ll be ensuring that I put safety first by wearing my helmet and watching for traffic on busy roads, an important reminder for any E4K challenge participant. (If you see me sitting on the curb crying, I most likely need another CO2 tube cartridge or a hug.)


The staffers here at Random Acts are thrilled to be joining you in this year’s E4K challenge. We’ll be updating our social media channels throughout that weekend (October 18-19, in case you’ve forgotten), so keep an eye on them. Worldwide, your amazing regional representatives will also be available for support and inspiration wherever and whenever needed.

Don’t forget to take photos of your own E4K training progress — we want to hear how you’re doing so we can feature you here on our blog! In the next week, you’ll be able to fill in a submission form to send us a progress update and set up a Crowdrise page for your supporters to pledge funds. If you’ll be tweeting or blogging about your progress, make sure you tag any photos and videos you post on social media with the hashtag #E4K. 

Happy training!