E4K Training Blog: Week Nine

E4K shortLast week, we regaled you with some incredible supporter training submissions. Across the globe, participants have been jogging, folding origami, choreographing dance routines, and practicing their art and illustration skills to hone their talents for our upcoming Endure4Kindness weekend, October 18th – 19th.

This week, to provide you with even more motivation (and plenty of ideas in case you still haven’t set up your Crowdrise fundraising page with us), we’re presenting you with another round of training updates from some of our eager supporters. Check out how these inspiring E4K-ers (or “Efforke-rs”, as Sergei likes to call them) have been preparing:


photo (3)“Random Acts has inspired me to help others, and be an active participant for good in the world community,” writes Stacie. “This year, I’ll be walking for hours and hours. I live near an ecological reserve and you can walk forever in really beautiful surroundings.” She’ll have to pace herself — that same weekend, she’ll also be participating in a Breast Cancer Research 5K. “It’s my charity weekend,” she jokes. Don’t forget to hydrate!


Participants Melissa, Hannah, and Charissa of Minnesota will be heading to their local state park and running as long as they can… with snack and water breaks, of course. “We’re hoping to at least hit 20 miles in about a 6-7 hour time frame, with more distance possible,” writes organizer Melissa. “We’ll be trail running and it’s hilly in that park, so each mile is pretty tough…. But we’ll take breaks for silly photo-ops too!” Good for you, ladies! We’ll be cheering you on from afar.


IMG_1348 (2)Writes supporter Bobbie, “For E4K I’m doing a handstand challenge. I used to be gymnast, but I haven’t been in a gym in almost 10 years. It’s being great preparing for E4K and getting back to doing something I love.” Since starting her training a few months ago, Bobbie has lost over 20 pounds– but she isn’t stopping there: “I’ve begun a running regime in the hopes that next year I can do more,” she enthuses. Incredible! From Bobbie’s point of view, things are really looking up. (Sorry, we had to.)


Biking photo“I’ll be biking all day for this year’s Endure4Kindness challenge,” says supporter Claudia. And she’s been training up a storm — riding her bike through local parks and trails to prepare for E4K weekend, Claudia looks to be right on track for next weekend’s exciting festivities. Keep up the good work, Claudia!



20140919_115002-1Says enthusiastic supporter Tracie, “My daughter and I are going to be visiting houses with three or more children and do a couple of hours of ironing, in order to give the mums and dads in our neighborhood a rest from the household chore.” They’ve been hard at work, too: “We’re hoping to go for 15 hours or more. To prepare, we’ve been “pumping iron.” You can’t hear us, Tracie, but we’re seriously slow-clapping at the moment.


knitting“I’m going to be knitting for 24 hours, writes Abigail. “I’ll be making squares for a lovely charity that sews blankets together for orphans of AIDS victims in Africa.” Abigail will also be livestreaming her E4K challenge “to I make sure that I don’t fall asleep,” she jokes. “I already have thirteen people who are going to pop in to chat with me and knit an item for a charity of their choice that day. Hopefully I’ll make a couple new friends on the way!” We’re sure you will, Abigail — it’s important to remember to be kind to yourself too, and making new friends is the best way to do it.

There have been a number of particularly amazing project ideas for this year’s E4K challenge — Leah Prouse’s Macrame bracelets for the children’s ward of her local hospital, Catie Hennessey’s beautiful knit-work for her father’s cancer benefit, and so many more. But one of our very favorites so far has been this crazy idea from a group of supporters who call themselves “Miri’s Wakecrew”:

Keep training, guys! Our staffers (and Sergei… and E4K9) will be here to support you through the entire E4K weekend, so make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr for continuous updates. Don’t forget to tag your posts with the hashtag #E4K or #Endure4Kindness so that we can showcase all of your amazing acts on our social media channels for inspiration!

We’ll see you next week!

 Still haven’t signed up with our Crowdrise team? Make sure to head over to our page and start planning — there’s still a week to finalize your project or event, so get yourself geared up and ready to go by grabbing a few last-minute shirts, scarves, and doggy bandanas. Let’s get ready to #E4K!